Friday, January 11, 2008

Just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing...

I don't know what to say,
There is too much cross my mind, too much to say but can't put all and structure all.
When I see and lived on each day, I see everything through my eye,
I hear, I feel everything..and I

There a say, The older you get, the wiser you are.
I totaly agree with that, but yet, it doesn't refer to all of us
When you get older, the more experience ,failure and lesson you take in your life, so that you get wiser.

Some people failed, or no matter what lesson they take, they never learned from that.
Which is Soooo Sad, I truely feel sorry for this people, they maybe take 40 years of times to be wise or when one faced fiasco, and they only realised something. That might be just too late.

God might not create human perfect, no one is perfect. But HE gave us a mouth, ear, eye, nose, and most of all Brain. We/human not the same, we are all unique, we don't think the same, there only 1% chances that you may find someone have the same thought with you.
But hey, God give us mind, to think, we not brainless.

Watched a movie call " 1 litre of tears" lately, it inspired me and give me so much strength. I'm pretty sure whoever watch this movie before, will never be the same again. Only those think is just simply an ordinary sad japanese drama made like any other. I highly recommend to everyone. Though I'm might out of date, because the movie is like what..back in 2005. =p

What so special about the movie is, the movie is based on the real story, that a 15 years old girl wrote her own diary who diagnosed with a disease called Spinocerebellar Degeneration.

The point is, If a girl Like her, get such disease can even live stronger than anybody else, why not us, who can talk, eat, and walk normal? Fine, maybe she not the only one, there so many thousands or million people out there who suffering, struggling each day. Good message from the movie... I might not know how much it hurt and how she hard she have to go through, but I know how much she want to be stay alive, and do meaningful thing.

I hope anyone who reading this feel how lucky you are, at this moment.
Some might not be able to see how beautiful is this world..But we able to..
Life isn't as bad as we thought, we facing different problem each day, I know is hard, I'm a human too, but this all either it make us stronger or it just break us. you choose..

to be continue...

posted by : rach.v