Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm will tell you exactly why would I feel this way.

Case 1 :

Most of you driving in Malaysia / KL ,
you probably can't live without one , that my conclude.
And you probably experiencing of this conflict and anger from a MOTORCYCLIST.
They are everywhere in malaysia no doubt, and u know you cant mess with them, once u in accident with them, first one to be blame is you who in a car instead of them in a small vehicle.

Why am i putting this entry, because this morning, I get Pissed off of this motorcycle..
I was driving on a emergency lane, ( and I know I shouldn't..) but is jam along the way of Taman desa heading to Federal highway,( tell me about it ) ..and im late! Fine, i drove to the emergency lane so i can go faster just like any other car. So driving all the way down, they few motorcycle give me horn? WTF??? WHy horn me?? there no sign or whatever shit showing " only motocycle " ..Fucking pissed me off, okay! you get the point...ok..! Is just that they horn me because i'm bloody blocking their way ..huhhhhh?! make sense not? cibai...

And somehow , sometime you will see some motorcycle driving on middle of the highway , slowing down other car, and we have to cut them...pissed off ok! they can basically drive on the most left lane please! so inconsiderate!

Somemore some idiot just riding here and there on the highway when there is so many car on the highway, because of them every car have to brake and slow down..! that how the jam causing..and i really hate motorcycle!!!

Case 2 :

In case, you didn't know, i came from a ' just okay' background family, ... and i wish and pray my dad will get alot business all the time...and guess what, some of you may not know...but i'm telling you dad is in manufacture industry..of Helmets! HAHAHAHAHAHA

So do you see this 2 case how contractic? ? I hate there no motorcycle, but I pray and hope my dad have good business.....

Tell me about it..i will start try to love motorcyclist.
I'll try take it easy on them...=_+"