Sunday, June 29, 2008


A day out with our dearest simmy....for the one last time before he leave to aussie land
T___T ... we gonna miss you...we mean eliz and me lah!

We suppose to catch some movie
but all my fault!
here the story, we suppose went out at 11am..but we end up leaving my house at 2pm!
Why? coz I had a sleepless nite! I gone to bed at 2am, but couldn't sleep..row to the left, row to the right to find the right position, and think random stuff...until 8 in the morning..yes! 8am! I send simmy sms tell him I couldn't make it for 11am lor...

and I finally sleep for 3 hours + after many sleeping hours is wasted...

then we head to mid valley ...all we do is EAT and yes window shopping! cake,pasta, nyonya kuih ( soooo nice!) , steamboat!

Picture of 3 best friend for one last time!
aiya, not that bad actually just being emo a bit, next week when he leave more emo pict! lol
anyway, he will back next year feb ? hopefully :)

in the car..last day simmy drive me home! T_____T
and also last day for me and eliz being treated like a princess from Simmy..! simmmm don't goo... :p im gay

back to my home!
eliz ready to take off to the space..HAHAHAHAHAHA

Simmy gonna use this to fly to brisy! HAHAHAHAHA

end of our day...gonna miss the day we used to hang out :(
can't hang out with him anymore.not until he come back for holiday..

but for the day we had lots fun..^__^

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Dearr..Ashlee

Happy Birthday Baby Girl..

umm, is been almost 11 years since we know each other
T3T gosh thats quite a number, which also a sign of we getting old
it doesn't matter, you still look like 18 years old every year!!..

Back in high school, I Still remember how we talk on the phone with each other after school..
EVERYDAY! not sure what the topic, but there must be random stuff and gossip and more boys! lol..silly! I really miss those day, i remember how u get pissed off at me when I purposely pour water on ur school uniform! T___T ..I know you still remember, sorry lah!

Remember how we sitting next to each other for most of the year in school!
And finally, now we all grow up...
and yet no matter what...
I love you


p/s: I screwed up my economics of logistics test today...awesome!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Siblings power

me and my bro get free trip to different coun
me - Singapore & Perth

bro - Hong Kong ( shopping paradise )

Bro just got back from his Hong Kong trip, he only got me a cheap H&M bag!! dats bout it
I was expect something else, like more dress and top!

Anyway, mum say me and my bro have the luck of getting free trip (we don't have to pay for flight tickets, hotel, food- most of them) all we have to do is bring few thousands ringgit- expenses (shopping spree). which is save heaps!

Lazy to uploads picture of my trips, most of them is in facebook, and I assume everyone look at it. :p oh not to mention about my lost wallet on my way back from singapore! Grrr..

Perth- night view

The main purpose of my bro HK trip is to catch the concert of his favorite idol Kelly Chen, he even stand a chance to take picture with her in the back stage! sooo lucky!!

Hong Kong

It probably a dream for both of us, to go place that we dream of, well for me not really
my dream place is lots! tell me if u know the answer! :p

Back to home land! back to reality, back to my project!
God bless :)


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ways to Love your partner

1. Love yourself first.
2. Start each day with a hug
3. Say " i love you" everytime you part ways
4. Make compliment freely and often.
5. Write unexpected love letters.
6. Go on date once every week.
7. Send flowers for no reason.
8. Kiss unexpectedly
9. seek out beautiful sunsets together.
10. Apologize sincerely

11. be forgiving
12. Remember the day you fell in love--- and recreate it.
13. Hold hands.
14. Say " I love you " with your eyes
15. Let her cry in your arms
16. Tell him you understand
17. Let her give you directions when you're lost.
18. Appreciate her inner beauty
19. Calm each others fears.
20. Never go to bed mad.

To be continue if I able to discover more ..

Sunday, June 8, 2008

what i want..?

Was another friggin' bored day..
with doing nothing...woke up at 11am, and clean up house and watch astro on demand for more hk drama series..
and chat online whole day with soul mate..almost whole noon till evening..

can't be bother to get start my project..
anyway, i'm just too lazy.

Oh, what i did for whole day is reading up some random blog..
find one quite first tot it would be like any other blog, putting up non-sense of their am

Finally, some excitement been happen lately, such as unexpected trip to Perth,
and meeting up some new friend, and catching up with some old friend, primary school mate and secondary schoolmate...seriously, unexpected dinner and party.

say..when you never expect something, it just came into your life from no where.
i never really expect myself this point, like what i'm really doing right now.

Hoping i can be more myself, and get or do the thing i want.
After reading this random person blog, I see her life...that is what I want.
It simply easy..I found myself in her blog...

But how im gonna get it? when? where? how?
I found the thing I want, and I know through that " thing" I'm pretty much achieve everything
I want in my life....but I guess...I will not be the one who can have just simply no fate
and not belong to me..

you almost give me everything