Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our " Mata" got new car

I wasn't Ready to make entry today..
but i read this on newspaper and caught my attention on it..
which i guess is very interesting and funny at the same time. . . for me.

Our mata going to use this Mitsubishi evolution X as our nation patrol car. (゚〇゚;)?? exactly!

So our " mata" will have a faster patrol car to chase other! So now they can drive faster. block you anytime.. make sense
As info there only have like 10 unit or something..which is crap. I was though the whole klang valley change to this..then it will be more interesting. But why don't they choose Subaru WRX ? =D if they really do.................................
" wei 'bang...boleh tumpang tak?"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Confession of a...

And here am i agian...=)

ooohoo..I bought a Shu uemura painting eyeliner/gel eyeliner =)
Favorite buy! and I guess I'm the first buyer in malaysia ? =p..or possibly second..or third..and that not even important...

What important is..I love this eyeliner =)
Ok, I think i just become a fanatic of shu uemura....
anyway.. just a less than 2month...I have this.

Favorite buy of the day! sorry for the bad camera.


Like i happy what i spend =)

Looking forward to my trip to an island...stay tune!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Late update

Today was a good day...until I met 2 fugly malay woman again..and ruin it.
sigh..why must always them!! no offense to any of my malay friend. just those woman i met is just malay..I'm not racist! even chinese woman pissed me off in the morning.

Anyway, i don't wish to get so much hate and angry stuff anymore. I let God punish them


About my lovely Valentine's day =) It was lovely...I never knew boyfriend would just surprise me .. Sorry i didn't took any picture coz i totally Shock till I dunno what I'm suppose to do next or how i suppose react or express. like Shocking...totally surprise.

I only have my word to describe the whole thing, no picture..coz I totally forget bout it..

maybe i should re-take the picture of that day..such as like this..

When i jump into the car..Say hi to present...He got my present which is some cool bag..n he got me this for my valentine's present..I was tot that I'm happy what he got for me, coz is a couple moo moo..cute enough..

It suppose to have couple moo moo inside but i put them with me in the office already.

and all the way we was laughing and talking and bla bla bla...heading to Delicious at Duo residency! In case u didn't quite a while and i been there quite a lot of time, until staff there could just simply recognize us!! not joking! they know which seat we going to choose!

Ok back to topic...when we walk into DELIcious, i sense something awkward, like very ..and i just ignore my feeling until the waitress lead us to our seat that the boyfriend reserve..=) and suprise i say Shock...Shock....i mean =O..altho i didn't make that face out...but =O..suprise...i saw a pink bear sitting thr with flower..fine!.I didn't take add some imagination to you guys..this is how it look like...

Yes..this is excatly how it look like, the bear sitting himself alone in the restaurant waiting for my arrival. hahaha ( differences of this picture and that day will be just the location and the chair! )

ok It maybe look small for you all, but is Big bear for me coz my bed can't fit another big bear like this anymore..I know! bear can just simply make me happy!
I mean..when u have less expectation , you suprise yourself more. I did not expect he would buy this for me...all the while i tot the couple moo moo is just my valentines day present, sure come with roses and card. I know i talk too much but, guess what i really suprise and happy on what he did =) thanks baby.


Our Happy 12th month =)
nothing much seriously, we have a fantastic start!
He came pick me up and then his car stop for no reason, end up couldn't move and stop by road side. and causes 5 car accident just right behind us..sure we didn't involved but yeh..most of you know the detail..ok so let move on...after 3 great hour the car is fixed and we happy heading to DELIcious again~~~

We eat happily ...and same seat...happy waiter slash waitress...what else...ermm. that all i didn't get him anything coz i'm very shamless!


I'm done with this..till then can't wait to sleep now..!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Black wednesday

I know, stop asking me why am i not update,
When u come to a point of busy, or super ultra busy.
I work on saturday, and monday till 9pm..good thing is I got paid for it.. =D which is all worth it.
Mean I can buy myself a luxury compact powder.

I finally pamper myself for Shu uemura Foundation set. =)
Is good quality, worth for money. I guess i can use for a year or more for this whole is WORTH IT ok..!
Come to Compact power/2-way-cake ...i'm still doing survey on it! Refer from grace ..she say Dior is good my mum using Chanel..she say is good too. and finaly..i saw some M.A.C...ummph they release a Hello Kitty Edition..



There is whole lot more..just I simply paste whatever it look like..
I love Hello Kitty, just when come to Mac with Hello Kitty....for me just "tak glam " lol..
Maybe just me or what...Glam meh? is look nice ..just maybe just me lar..I think i love to see but not buying it. Before I was using Faceshop , after work upgrade de ok, must love and pamper myself. <-- excuses!


Ok ..bout black just black for me. I mean Bad black!
Work stuffed up..politic omg hate it.I never involved trust me, but I i got bad temper on how people treat me. I'll pay back..soon!

Everything on yesterday just goes wrong. work the boyfriend, and yay someone hack my bloody facebook slash hotmail. WTF who on this earth want to do that to me? i don't wan to further it just pissing me off.

and then the Dumbest train in the whole wide world KTM, got delay from 6pm til 740pm...I was lucky, I left office at i wait 40min..which is..still BAD ok WTF KTM..!!!!! AHHHHH

Will update My v'day with the Mr.Albayaty <-- :D love love
Till then, and I still on fire on the black wednesday ..Shit!