Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Decision made

Refer back all my all about should or shouldn't making any move on my current job.
And f-i-n-a-l-l-y , decision make.

I make up my mind, and i decide to leave for good :)
The feeling wasn't as great... after all i stay in this Company for like say 10 wasn't long enough but...wasn't short all

I'm happy to leave because new company definatly paying me better compare to now. I wouldn't have any second thought...

I felt i never been working / staying long in an organization.
Which i felt pretty bad on that..

I feel sorry and disappointed my both manager , Aram and fung 2 immediate manager.
They very kind , nice , and help me alot...I don't even know how to pass the resignation letter to them yesterday ..and yes my heart beat almost hit 200 per second hahahahaha..

Is done now, and I feel bad and sorry for decision I make to them..
Is wasn't the right time at all.. going to be over very soon..

And hope for the best for new company :)
Excited much? Nope! but worry if is going to be the same condition..HAHAHA!

I Looking forward to the new org. now :)
Definately new enviroment and new thing..but hope it going to be okay..

I want To party ...and dance/Drink my night away!!!!!!!!!!!
This weekend have to make it Happen!!!!!!
Darling shall we?!

God bless

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Life been miserable much lately.

Please do not stop checking if i updating or not.
Sometime i hate my job, sometime i love my job,
Sometime i think he love me , sometime i don't,
Sometime i think i can do it, sometime i just giving up, name a very confuse person,

There friend of mine saying, I'm using 2 side of my brain left and right to make decision, which is logic and sure..but I can say that very confuse..

i know myself, and there another one understand and know me alot too...this person will remain disclosed =)

Hoping for the best of my career, and I hope I'm getting it.

God bless !