Thursday, April 29, 2010


I love my parents,
and I know they love me as much as I do.
Somehow we party wouldn't know how to confess much about it.

I love to talk to them whenever I can.
But maybe I wasn't good in talk or not good to start a conversation with someone.
I always failed to make them laugh on what I say.
On the other hand, they probably laugh and happy talking with both of my brothers..whatever my brothers talk about, they pay attention and show interest in it...

I feel left out somehow...very...
I'm already used to this..since long time...but it will never felt any better..

I wonder how to tell them I love and care about them alot,
despite all of this things happen..they are my beloved mum and dad..
They love me alot, just showing me different way and care about me different.

God bless My mum and dad, for a healthy good life.