Saturday, November 28, 2009

2 is better 1...

Previous entry is a little embarrassed.. :)
But from my previous entry..i truly know that I wasn't alone..and there always someone ready to be there for me..=) thanks know who you so sweet..

Current life was playing not bad tone..:)
After quit Samsung ..I felt so much better..and again, like mum say..i much happier now when I back from work from the present new co. =D

I guess after all it wasn't a bad move.

Things to update:

Good new! Going to Singapore for training soon! :)
Excited yet bit nervous...not sure if i can meet the expectation of my manager..!

The boyfriend going back to his country for 3week holiday :(
Please come back soon...I'm gonna miss you ..:(

I'm on my Diet plan...For real this time...and soulmate getting so sick about me..LOL!
Is wasn't easy to on healthy diet plan, when come to food lover like me..
And i resist to take any pill and all kind of thing..healthy first!
Tablet and all that probably gonna ruined your health when u getting old..i did not wan to suffer my older year..


Favorite song of the day :

[Heart] Taylor Swift, her song bring a lots memories to us. Her song and our love..grow together..

Especially for you baby..=)
Going to miss you bad, when you not around me...

Some picture update..!
Hardly take any picture lately..