Thursday, July 16, 2009

Away and back

I been neglect this for a while..

Coz i'm lazy...very very very lazy.
and very very very busy...

Yay , thing to update is..i watch Transformer..and guess what..Shia Labeouf is still HOT!!!
I did not lie...Im obsessed with him since long time!
Whatever you call him nerd or geek..accept it people! he is hoT!

I should stop..the boyfriend goin to kill me right now. :p

My life is boring..nothing much to update, no picture no nothing!
OH! i attend Grace wedding and i did not took any photo all!

but i able to steal one picture of Us in the wedding reception :)

stolen from the groom facebook...
and I guess I'm getting another 5 kg on my body agian...sigh! When i will ever ever ever thinner a little? like ...sayy....i blame on the food..i just can't resist :(


My work life even boring, do not wan't to talk about it!
But i'm happy with my life with my baby :) he's getting sweeter...and our love never stop growing, and building up..

Is July..and time flies...I miss college life :)