Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rainbow after the rain

I got tonnes of stuff to put in this post today, so let me be..this my journal to be exact.

Have you ever feel this way before? ..Last week, I get so mad, frustrated, stressed, almost all the shitty thing happen on me for few days...I try to look at my life, what did I archived so far...I can't give the answer to myself.

Once, when I'm still in college, I thought to myself that maybe one day I become very successful logistician/economies..I guess i was wrong..It never been easy at work at all, and I realize that I'm not as good as others..

One things I hate the most about work environment is that , everything have to be so challenging and competitive, and all the human around you love to judge, compare .. and they want you to have the exact same vision at work, or even same life perspective with them, as a workaholic..why?!


I love my job, i love my company..
But I'm definitely having hard time at work dealing with some human, but I'm trying to fit into it and take it as my own challenge. I'm not trying to be as good as others but, at least I'm not quit my job when there problem exist.

On Thursday evening, there's a thunderstorm. Strong wind, very heavy rain while I'm my way back home from the office.

Most of the cars start pulling off and stop beside the highway..because is really hard to drive with that kind of situation and I barely saw what in front of me besides the whole lots of water pouring on the windscreen.

I did have a thought of pulling off too, but I think myself, lets give a shot, and try to focus on the light from the front car.

After I drove 5km, the rain get better...and the rain actually inspired me, something i can relate to..

When face trouble in your life (The heavy rain), don't give up (don't pull off even is dangerous), although I don't know what going to happen next( take risk, even I can't even tell where the road)..go ahead and give a try..don't give up on the problem, and let work it even if it's gonna end up in bad way...I know i do my best and i give as much effort.

this is similar on what i saw on the screen while I'm driving that day.( I Google the picture)

Rainbow after the rain, I guess just forgot how it feel like..but I'm feeling it all over again..

Life wasn't easy but I learned that Life is so beautiful..and I find its too short to live with people that you love and care..

I learned to view it another side..and I feel good with it.

so what you learned ? mind to share?