Thursday, August 28, 2008



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some of the people, change when they start working
as in character..
such as become stingy..they realize how hard to earn the money,
some become more talkative, love gossip a lot especially the lady ( whatever shit happen also their business).. ( ゚ロ゚)乂(゚ロ゚ )
some become weird, talk weird, act weird..
some become mature..
some become live to work..
some become work to live..
there many of them..

and sooner, i taking part of this..or i don't? ( next Tuesday... totally not looking forward )
I'm still enjoying who I am, but maybe a little burden along..
Hope I won't become any of them..but myself

Final bit of the project, when you know you almost there, it make u more nervous
coz, i don't even know how to complete the whole thing, and perfect it?
pray for more wisdom ..amen.

Just hope everything will be fine ヾ(^ー^;)

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm still staying up this late,
is 2.45 in the morning.. i should be sleeping..
but i'm so worry n nervous about my graduation project...
not sure if I doing the right thing or not until this point..:(
so confuse...I really not hoping that i get low mark on this...

gonna sleep awake in about 4 hours..
。。。(o⌒▽⌒)o best luck for myself

woo woo

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Wall-E : rating 8.5/10

20/8/08: Catch up with Wall-E, first movie after final exam..
not much word can describe this movie, is a nice show, recommend to everyone
is cute, innocent, world issue, ummph...touch, on ..i love the movie..:p

People who work in Pixer is all genius, how can they make such nice movie all the time? lol..they never failed us :) from Toy story I & II to Monster inc. to Finding Nemo (one of my fav) to Incredibles ( I rememeber i laugh like crazy in the cinema) until the lastest ratatouille to now Wall E.. Love all of the movie from Pixer! and all the short flim before the movie start never failed to entertain the audience.. (Y)

The character i love the most in the movie is Wall-E ..that a confirm...he is cuuuteee...very cuute...he a cleaning robot, clean the trash, and make the trash into a cube..he's a little lonely on the earth, until he met eve! aiya..go watch urself, love this movie when they indirectly bring the messages to the audience, where our future world will probably full of trash/rubbish..
and beside wall-e..

I love the cute little M-O the cleaning robot..hahahaha...he super cute ok! all he do is clean all the dirty objects come from other planets using his roller ball..hahhahaa! cute little tiny robot! the boyfriend buy a twin seat, which also known as couple seat or wuteva.. is good.. for couple, and is not expensive tho.. Gonna start working soon..if i'm gonna continue study? that still remain a question..

22/8/08: =) had fun last nite..thnx baby

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another week passes by...

More prayer I made..
It never been enough..and yet, I learned a lot through this ..
This is a Hardship..I can't give up, even that I'm weak..but I always have God back me up :)
♥ After the rain..there will be rainbow..


Went out last nite for movie..
the boyfriend take me out..He been try to comfort me and be nice to me a lots..
just maybe im the one never want enough, never stop demanding..
making him hard to breath..Since the things happen, he taking good care of me
showing me more love..and more..

Trying to take thing seem never change before..
but I and my bro trying hard to avoid and to mention it..

We Going hard time to accept the fact, we made it...
solving problem our own..give less burden to the parents first..
They going even hard time than us..but this is what we can do at the moment..
and I will never stop believing and praying

Thanks to soulmate for being supportive and encouragement..
Didn't want to expose what really happen here..but thanks for whoever ask and care..
I believe..everything will be fine.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


It can be worse trial /testing time than you thought..

I want this family to be safe,
God make sure my family is all safe..

It will be the hardest/toughest time we ever go through..
But when one family stand together..
nothing can beat it..

God, I ask that you keep watching over my family..
I'm asking for you guidance, encouragement, faith and your merciful fall upon this family.
Don't let us go, don't give up this family..
Keep us with you, be with us every single minute, always and forever...

Who ever My Dear Friend Reading this
Please spare your 1min to pray for my family..
much appreciate..

In Christ Jesus name, amen

James 4:7: "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."

Monday, August 4, 2008

198xs Oct 28th, I came to this world
Jane, gave birth to a baby girl, first child for Alex and Jane.
This baby never been healthy since the day she born, jaundice. (Where I have to sleep under the uvlight for few days, it explain why I'm so tanned now lol)

probably just few month old?

with mummy n daddy..2 years old b'day!!

When I was 5 year old, I got Strabismus, also known as crossed eye.
Yes, I got crossed eye before, and is not easy for a 5 year old kid who still attend to kindergarten and got boycott by other kids too ( lol…I’m still remember this very well), because everyone think I'm weird and have some weird disease. Not easy for me to go through that period, not easy for my parents too...

trip to the Zoo...

They spend and waste lots time to find me doctor to cure me (since is like more than 17 years ago, not easy to find good doc back then, and is not cheap too.) Finally, my crossed eye is gone, but doesn't mean I'm fully cure...still have to go check up and take medicine until my age of 16 years old.!

with my cousin sister, we really close to each other back then, present and future!

When I was 8 years old, another thing attack, asthma...due to chest tightness
I never concern about my asthma thing back then, make my mum come and get me to see doctor most of the time from her work...

bro & I with our mickey house...

Now I'm all grow up,
I should work extra harder, Coz I really hope they proud to have a daughter like me.. :p
Just want mum and dad live healthy and happy..that really all I ask from them
Of course..I must study hard now, and work hard in the future..for gratitude

I couldn't ask for more from this family .. :) Thanks Lord
love you mum, love you dad...

Photo from us..while waiting pizza :)
Grateful because you willing to change all over again..
Is not been easy for me..people asked me similar question " why do u choose a foreign/ other race as ur bf? "

I don't have a proper answer for myself,
all I know is.. I l o v e h i m