Friday, January 30, 2009

Flash Back

Alright boys and girls...
Guess what sudden hit me few days back...

I miss my old phone so much..T_T
I mean..few of

My first phone was back in 2002
Around that..which is my friend bought me this Nokia 2100 as my present!
The housing of the phone actually quite transparency I had the green one and the pink housing last time..original is come with pink..I think!

Next! then my parents bought me this Panasonic G51 in 2003?
Is a mini phone with mini keypad! like super mini! actually this is my favourite phone, coz is very tiny! lol and is from my parents :) lol...and between that time I use this phone call Nokia N-gage the very first generation of N-gage! Well i guess is a boy phone after all

And then my friend bought me this Motorola V690,

In titanium colour, which I use it for a while..until is can't flip anymore, and mum decide to buy me this new phone Nokia 6680, which is the one I'm using now since Oct 2005 ! Woah how long is that? :p and still good!

Well before i use this all actually i was using my mum phone nokia 3210! classic
heavy enough to kill someone. I guss my dad use to have Ericsson phone (current sony ericsson), my dad use to have nice ericsson phone light and small, and before that was something like a motorola, my dad never use nokia in his life for some reason lol.

Oh look what I found! haha ok la, just a box! the phone already trade in, but for the panasonic actually dad give it to someone else last time, long story!!!

Yaya! I know ! Most of my phone my friend buy for me, I dunno why! lol
There story behind all this phone, lots of memories... why i choose the V690..story lies behind! the panasonic n this motorola bring me back to good memories. those silly thing I done and my college life T________T i miss it so much! bring me back to Ucsi! tho is suck! lol

Friday, January 16, 2009

sad post! you can ignore it

When u make someone happy, they will remember just that moment.
when u make someone upset bout u, and you pretty much screwed up becoz he/she only think how suck u can be and pretty much ripped off all the good/happy thing you have done.

people will never think bout how good are you when u once do bad!
just like once they a say, when they a small black spot on the huge white board, people only will see the black spot, which is on the bad thing on u. people will step you down and boycott you becoz of one mistake you have done.

I'm talking about relationship between a couple, your colleague, between with your friends and so on..any relationship between with human, that what u will get.
I'm not talking bout everyone will be like that, mostly ! they are!
even sad when come to a couple, every move u do you went to the wrong side, the other partner tempted to be a memory lost. lol

sigh anyway i guess u get my point, so yeh, don't do that to anyone beside you, always there second chance, or more chances you can give in!

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year resolution

Let's see.......
New Year resolution.......Hrmmmmm..
Everyone was like asking me when is my list out..! sorry, I lie..I wasn't even think about it or prepare to post up that..

wish you all have a fascinating & blessed year 2009 :)

Is not late to greet you all, because is still new year ma wtf! so just take it. :p

Here they are, Rach's New Year's resolutions goals for 2009:

1. Lose ten pounds ( LOL...!!!!!!!!!!)
2. Earn more $ ka-ching!
3. Try start give pocket $ to parents, even earning less ( I'm a good girl ok..deng)
4. Part time study :)
5. Shop more..... LOLLLL

You'll notice I've run the gamut from sacred to profane. That old chestnut, lose weight. Yes, I know, if I put my mind to it I can certainly do that. Perhaps I should try the Diet Cookies. Where can buy ah?

So how I spend my Eve? :D
Is was a Great end for 2008, altho the bad thing happen, for whoever know this, is pretty much my life change for 2008, guess it can be as bad, but know what, God with us. :)
Love how the boyfriend took all the bad memory away for a day. Great gateway :)

I truly hope yours is a good one, with a nice full stop of 2008, and a good start of 2009

me and dad in my cousin wedding on 8th Dec'08 bro and my fellow cousin at the wedding reception

Makeup done by Shu Uemura, pro!me and the boy friend at the wedding
Us, fresh 1st Jan'09

The rest go see facebook la -_-"! i almost upload eveyrthing there, almost which is 80% only, another 20%..private :D.. don't think dirty ok, just thought that wasn't nice to post it up anyway.

Good news is..Simmy is back! ok :D !
miss us together in one picture..:D..

THERE! :D I look like a tard! lol

Happy New Year! Till then