Monday, March 1, 2010

Pursuit of Our own HappYness

It been a while,
Sometime I will wonder how people keep updating their own blog, putting in every thought in their own blog.

I guess finally I got the answer,
Everyone have their own life, their own story, their very own happiness in their life.
So as I, sometime, we'll wondering why are people become a workaholic, work from day til night? - this is thier life, the life they choose , and the way that make them happy, where they found success and satisfactions in it.

Etc , Etc, Etc....Etc...any story you can think about. this is their life. World of our own :)

Nothing is forever. nothing. Even at the moment, it just last for a while. and then...*poof* gone.
I need to learn how to appreciate and cherish each of everyone around me, I only have them once in this life. but I'm bit greedy, I hope god give mercy ...send them back to me next life.

We need to live this life to the max!


I might doubt and even suspect my own boyfriend being disloyalty....but the fact is I actually create my own imagination lately! which is very sick of having this kind of feeling, making me tired, fatigue!!!

until today, I'm awake! he being so nice and so patience with me. even I nagged keep annoy him, he just be there and patience, just to make me feel better. *L o v e y o u*

I guess after all, it's really doesn't matter how long you dating each other.
as long as he still with me, there where i found love..

I need to keep my word =)
Pursuit of Happyness.