Monday, March 3, 2008

l o v e

I'm always wrong, and judge wrongly,
I make stupid decision when i'm angry
I always tell myself not to do so,
Yet, I already say and did it,
it must have hurt her
when I do so.......

She always give me different treatment,
different from other siblings,
but I never know how much they love me
More than anybody else....

I finaly fell down,
and hurt myself,
He's right...the punishment..

And it show me that my own parents giving me care & love
No matter how busy are they...
I'm always glad that born in this family,
No matter what..she still the one who love me most.
Greater than anyone else..Love that can't be found.

Please forgive me that what I say and done,
I promise I'll never do and say it again..

I love you mum ,
I love you dad... <3