Saturday, November 29, 2008

My very 90's

Guys!! Guess what I found! you will praise me and think I'm a genius to found this and still remember!! That day when I was in the boy friend house, he let me listen to some taxi song..hahahahhaah..I was surprise that they use the song again!!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA Did I just pull your memories back? Is Dr. Bombay! ok maybe he wasn't that famous...
well I guess mostly probably born year with me, if you did not heard any song I post here, you probably don't turn on your radio or tv on your teen-age. =p

Man don't ever tell me you miss their song back in those day, come on is so hitz back then, HAHAHAHA watch the video their lyrics is so horny and chic in the video is so sexy. Sound very dodgy isn't it. yikes!

Okay for me is hell funny, do you believe I been listen to this all European music/techno song for a while, that was like so back in 1998? ok please don't stop the music video more coming up! ( I got nothing better today , I browse you tube whole day. )

THE MMMBOP . this is a good one tho, I like this song, I use to think taylor hanson ( the second one) is a girl when I first saw the video HAHAHA

Ok next! Sugar ray, Holy! they so my teen pop too, errr..yeh use to..

Yup! Loveeee this song! Fred drust.... how can I miss this video?! Limp Bizkit !!Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'. But I more into - Behind Blue Eye!

Can't post too many video here, coz i don't want to, i'm too lazy to copy paste all the video I been watch today. My 90's song list will not be miss:

1. Backstreet boys ( a must !)
2. N'sync ( second must! )
3. Madonna
4. Spice Girl ( how can u ever miss them in our teen pop ? )
5. A1 ( some of you might dunno them cause them, but I do listen to them)
6. Westlife ( all the boy band)
7. Alanis Morissette - Ironic ( she's weird but she got a nice vocal can't be deny, her unplugged is good tho.)
8. Natalie Imbruglia - Torn ( my bro fav' )
9. Ricky Martin ( his most famous one
Livin' la Vida Loca , * still remember the cup of life? goal goal goal aleh aleh aleh wtf gay..LOL)
10. Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby
( LOL)
11. Red Hot Chilie Pepper ( I don't like them personally )
12. Will Smith ( how can i miss him?Men in black !! OMG SO F***ING CLASSIC OK!)
13. Cher - believe
14. 911 - ( life end 1999 if not mistake )
15. The Moffats
16. Micheal Learns to Rock
17. Mariah Carey
18. 98 degree ( another boy band)
19. Robbie William
20. Kylie Minogue ( err..this almost near to millinuem time, therefore all the music or video turning into futuristic slash techno slash dance.)
21. Jennifer Lopez ( told you, remember the song Waiting for Tonight? was so year end 1999, millinuem year .)
22. Kid Rock - Only God Know Why
23. Green day
24. Eminem
25. Brandy & Monica - the boy is mine ( hahahah still nice )
26. TLC
27. Bon jovi
28. Aerosmith - I don't want to miss a thing ( all time fav')
29. TuPac - California Love ( too classic to miss this )
30. Matchbox 20

31. Savage Garden
32. Garbage
33. Linkin Park
34. Britney Spear ,Christina Arguilera, Jessica Simpson, Vitamin C ( late 90's )

And more....

Too many artist yet to remember, it make me feel old =(
I guess I am, all this artist with different song bringing back different memories to me ..awww!

I'm happy to become 80's born baby! Enjoying the 90's.. the thing was turning good, this generation was the perfect one, and not to be miss anything of the world. =D we still have fun now.

How did you spend your millinuem year? I still remember me and my brother kawai went to bukit bintang count down there with Ashlee. Haha! all the memory!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


( ̄十 ̄)アーメン・・・

Guess what is this for... ( ̄十 ̄) praying for the best...
I've been applying for my new job, YUP!!
I make up my mind and start looking for job for the past 2 week! result wasn't bad at all, a lot of feed back!

And guess what I did not apply any, but the job come to me, :O already went to few interview, gaining more experience on interview, meeting up different people and one of the interview got exam..for one hour..hahahahaha And guess what i did not ready for it. but question wasn't that hard tho.

Anyway, I make decision on one of them, and leave this HP for good! I'm so over this 3month in HP! Counting down 6 more days to go OOooHOOOOooO!!
I know! New company probably won't be this relax, might be no more watching drama, no more play game, no more Youtube, no more MSN, what worse come is can't even use computer! I Know!!!! Sound like I wasn't working at all honeymoon, but what behind you can't see tough work...! Gonna start busy life, as i have actually decided to continue my study. --- as part time! :0) wish me all the best peeps!

I'm so glad that people around me being so supportive during this period * touch* Especially my parents, giving so much advise and support! and another important person...the boyfriend... I couldn't ask for more from him anymore, he the sweetest guy in the world. loll OK maybe for me only OK?! fair enough.. He been giving me so much advise and support, and driving me all the way to Shah Alam early in the morning for interview..
DEEP(* ^^)・^* )KISS!

Ok! lately My beloved soulmate very into the photoshop thingie, here 2 picture she photoshop it! make me look so pretty! which doesn't look like me at all anymore! Ok lar give her sometime to level up! here the masterpiece hahaha^2

this one definately not rachel, hello chic what ur name?
this one still alright I guess

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


(If you have too many grievances towards this world)

(Having fallen, you lose the courage to go on)
为什么人要这么的脆弱 堕落

(Why do people want to be so weak and fallen?)

(Please turn on the television now and see for yourself)

(So many people bravely fighting for their lives)

(Shouldn't we be content)
珍惜一切 就算没有拥有

(Cherish all we have, even if we don't possess them)
还记得你说家是唯一的城堡 随着稻香河流继续奔跑

(I still remember you said home is your only castle,Following the paddy fragrance, the flowing stream, I continued)
微微笑 小时候的梦我知道

(Smile, I know the childhood dreams)
不要哭让萤火虫带着你逃跑 乡间的歌谣永远的依靠

(Don't cry, let the fireflies take you away, escaping, You will always find serenity in folk songs)

回家吧 回到最初的美好
(Go home, return to the sweet past)
不要这么容易就想放弃 就像我说的

(Don't give up so easily, just like what I said)
追不到的梦想 换个梦不就得了

(If the dream can't be reached, then just follow another dream)
为自己的人生鲜艳上色 先把爱涂上喜欢的颜色

(Add bright colours to your own life, Paint LOVE in your favourite colour)

笑一个吧 功成名就不是目的
(Smile, fame and success isn't the aim)

(Be happy. That is the whole meaning)
童年的纸飞机 现在终于飞回我手里

( (Just like how) I finally found my lost childhood paper plane)
所谓的那快乐 赤脚在田里追蜻蜓追到累了

(What is happiness? It's chasing dragonflies in the fields barefooted till we're exhausted)
偷摘水果被蜜蜂给叮到怕了 谁在偷笑呢

(Tried to steal fruits but suffered so much beestungs until i am scared. Who's snickering (at me)? )

(Leaning against the scarecrow, enjoying the wind, singing songs till I fall asleep)

(In the afternoon, the guitar chords sound more crisp amidst the cries of the insects)

(The sunlight shines on the road so there's no need to fear a heartbreak)
珍惜一切 就算没有拥有

(Cherish everything, even if we don't possess them)

Last night, after I finish my work back to home,
after work was a little stress, and mum was requesting me to exchange something with my cousin, which is a very tiny small thing, not a big deal at all and I just show my bad temper and anger a bit, talk with her in a ruder voice tone. After dad home, he aslo nag my mum a bit. :(

When I went back to my room, I was regret I talk with her in a very rude way, I might make her upset, I wasn't purposely saying everything out. I might make her sad and stress. I might also hurt her feeling. I'm such a bad girl. Even I cry myself at night over this, is not gonna help...I guess. I know lately too many thing happen , and making her more burden to carry on, and stressful. I cry becoz i really feel upset and worry about her. I'm so sorry mum. I love you. Though I might not able face to face telling you this but at least, I know there a space showing my love to you. I will take my courage to tell you and show how much I care and love you dearest mum and dad. Let me be with be with you both and we'll go through the hard time together... from the family strength.
The above lyrics is a very nice song from Jay chou, love the lyrics which bring lotsa meaning.
Dedicate it to everyone, do appreciate... :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Belated Birthday Post

Happy birthday to Mee!! oh well ..on last tuesday..:p finally i feel like sit down and make an entry.. major delay! Having lotsa fun on my birthday this year, guess what! a little gathering with friend, that was really good enough tho. most special will.... jiang jiang jiang jiang..... The boy friend! and not too miss..with soulmate, for the first year!!!! she bought me a gift and a small surprise!

on 25/10/08 - pre celebrate/gathering

with grace and ben in some jap restaurant in Hartamas after dinner, went to new club Quattro with ashlee
Saimun was quite drunk, while taking picture with me lol
girl had fun..always~

on 27/10/08- day i've been waiting for so long. The boy friend bring me to dinner at Victoria station (VS), & Luna Bar :D ...I wasn't expecting him bring me to VS anyway..that a little surprise me.

in the
my oxtail soup - all time favourite

The crispy wanton as our appertiser, tot a bit weird but is nice( i wanted to order escargot, guess the boy friend won't like it..too bad then)

Mineeeeee entree :D

the boyfriend
2 chocolate cake from him, very niceee..
Thanks baby for the dinner

Luna bar
:) spending my night sleeping next to him

The next day which is my Officially Birthday! 28 Oct

Thanks soul mate for the Lil partay, spending time together.

Big love to her....
This is the surprise i got from her, touching!!!!

The best thing of them all is this red egg from my parents, the most tradition on Chinese birthdayLove it!

Last but not least, Got call alll the way from Brissy, guess who??! is SIMMMYYY...!!!! didn't expect call from him tho, most of the time i would be spending my time with him on birthday, this year...a little sad isn't it? (but sim, i expecting my pressie from you when u back on feb! muahaha a big one ok! WTF

also elvis! every year ..i would expecting sms from him on this day. thanks everyone for the text.. i couldn't reply every single i should make a template next time.. :x

*UPDATE..for your information the boyfriend bought me a Dress, which i worn on the picture. there another 2 pressie from him, which is so sweet, i would like to keep it as personal stuff.

Till then..