Sunday, December 20, 2009

. . .

I never thought that so hard to be apart..
being so far from you..=(
Couldn't reach you as I want or used to be..

Miss you so much already..

Counting down for another 14 days,
It seem like forever now..

On this joyous festive not with me like year before..:(
trying so hard to keep myself occupied..but it seem , there something missing.
Thing that missing is you , who not around to share and be with me ..

Called once a day from you seem not enough for me...=(
miss you dearly...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

2 is better 1...

Previous entry is a little embarrassed.. :)
But from my previous entry..i truly know that I wasn't alone..and there always someone ready to be there for me..=) thanks know who you so sweet..

Current life was playing not bad tone..:)
After quit Samsung ..I felt so much better..and again, like mum say..i much happier now when I back from work from the present new co. =D

I guess after all it wasn't a bad move.

Things to update:

Good new! Going to Singapore for training soon! :)
Excited yet bit nervous...not sure if i can meet the expectation of my manager..!

The boyfriend going back to his country for 3week holiday :(
Please come back soon...I'm gonna miss you ..:(

I'm on my Diet plan...For real this time...and soulmate getting so sick about me..LOL!
Is wasn't easy to on healthy diet plan, when come to food lover like me..
And i resist to take any pill and all kind of thing..healthy first!
Tablet and all that probably gonna ruined your health when u getting old..i did not wan to suffer my older year..


Favorite song of the day :

[Heart] Taylor Swift, her song bring a lots memories to us. Her song and our love..grow together..

Especially for you baby..=)
Going to miss you bad, when you not around me...

Some picture update..!
Hardly take any picture lately..

Friday, October 23, 2009


Sometime i thought i'm fine..
Normal..i got lots of friend...

But when come to this kind of situation..i feel like
I find nobody around me...
When i'm not happy..i don't have anyone to tell and talk to..
It seem like i want to find them talk and listen to me...
but i guess i know what kind of answer they gonna give me..

so i decide don't tell anyone..and keep it myself..
And i thought there's always someone special..would listen..
Even i sad or emotional without a reason..

it felt so depress ...when...there's no one...
i can't find anyone to..stay beside me and..comfort...

I feel so lonely..all of sudden...its so scary...

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm will tell you exactly why would I feel this way.

Case 1 :

Most of you driving in Malaysia / KL ,
you probably can't live without one , that my conclude.
And you probably experiencing of this conflict and anger from a MOTORCYCLIST.
They are everywhere in malaysia no doubt, and u know you cant mess with them, once u in accident with them, first one to be blame is you who in a car instead of them in a small vehicle.

Why am i putting this entry, because this morning, I get Pissed off of this motorcycle..
I was driving on a emergency lane, ( and I know I shouldn't..) but is jam along the way of Taman desa heading to Federal highway,( tell me about it ) ..and im late! Fine, i drove to the emergency lane so i can go faster just like any other car. So driving all the way down, they few motorcycle give me horn? WTF??? WHy horn me?? there no sign or whatever shit showing " only motocycle " ..Fucking pissed me off, okay! you get the point...ok..! Is just that they horn me because i'm bloody blocking their way ..huhhhhh?! make sense not? cibai...

And somehow , sometime you will see some motorcycle driving on middle of the highway , slowing down other car, and we have to cut them...pissed off ok! they can basically drive on the most left lane please! so inconsiderate!

Somemore some idiot just riding here and there on the highway when there is so many car on the highway, because of them every car have to brake and slow down..! that how the jam causing..and i really hate motorcycle!!!

Case 2 :

In case, you didn't know, i came from a ' just okay' background family, ... and i wish and pray my dad will get alot business all the time...and guess what, some of you may not know...but i'm telling you dad is in manufacture industry..of Helmets! HAHAHAHAHAHA

So do you see this 2 case how contractic? ? I hate there no motorcycle, but I pray and hope my dad have good business.....

Tell me about it..i will start try to love motorcyclist.
I'll try take it easy on them...=_+"

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Decision made

Refer back all my all about should or shouldn't making any move on my current job.
And f-i-n-a-l-l-y , decision make.

I make up my mind, and i decide to leave for good :)
The feeling wasn't as great... after all i stay in this Company for like say 10 wasn't long enough but...wasn't short all

I'm happy to leave because new company definatly paying me better compare to now. I wouldn't have any second thought...

I felt i never been working / staying long in an organization.
Which i felt pretty bad on that..

I feel sorry and disappointed my both manager , Aram and fung 2 immediate manager.
They very kind , nice , and help me alot...I don't even know how to pass the resignation letter to them yesterday ..and yes my heart beat almost hit 200 per second hahahahaha..

Is done now, and I feel bad and sorry for decision I make to them..
Is wasn't the right time at all.. going to be over very soon..

And hope for the best for new company :)
Excited much? Nope! but worry if is going to be the same condition..HAHAHA!

I Looking forward to the new org. now :)
Definately new enviroment and new thing..but hope it going to be okay..

I want To party ...and dance/Drink my night away!!!!!!!!!!!
This weekend have to make it Happen!!!!!!
Darling shall we?!

God bless

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Life been miserable much lately.

Please do not stop checking if i updating or not.
Sometime i hate my job, sometime i love my job,
Sometime i think he love me , sometime i don't,
Sometime i think i can do it, sometime i just giving up, name a very confuse person,

There friend of mine saying, I'm using 2 side of my brain left and right to make decision, which is logic and sure..but I can say that very confuse..

i know myself, and there another one understand and know me alot too...this person will remain disclosed =)

Hoping for the best of my career, and I hope I'm getting it.

God bless !

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Away and back

I been neglect this for a while..

Coz i'm lazy...very very very lazy.
and very very very busy...

Yay , thing to update is..i watch Transformer..and guess what..Shia Labeouf is still HOT!!!
I did not lie...Im obsessed with him since long time!
Whatever you call him nerd or geek..accept it people! he is hoT!

I should stop..the boyfriend goin to kill me right now. :p

My life is boring..nothing much to update, no picture no nothing!
OH! i attend Grace wedding and i did not took any photo all!

but i able to steal one picture of Us in the wedding reception :)

stolen from the groom facebook...
and I guess I'm getting another 5 kg on my body agian...sigh! When i will ever ever ever thinner a little? like ...sayy....i blame on the food..i just can't resist :(


My work life even boring, do not wan't to talk about it!
But i'm happy with my life with my baby :) he's getting sweeter...and our love never stop growing, and building up..

Is July..and time flies...I miss college life :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Reach as far as I can

Receive this postcard few day ago,
I never suprise getting mail from MNG, I normally receive a lot mail from them, and I'm ain't big fan of them..weird..

Anyway what caught my attention from this postcard is, it say I'm invited for their VIP's Sale Preview..i wonder what kind of sale that able to get preview..maybe you able to get some first buy on nice goodies on cheap guess...

They put it " VIP " make you feel so important or special chosen.hahaha..and when you there you gonna end up pack with bunch of aunties..

So it also say i able to bring 2 friend with me ..on Wednesday 1pm-10pm , I'm working plus i don't have i give up to go have a look..

And the MOST funny thing and caught my attention the this..





Ok , apparently they send to the right address, yes, that my address, no number mistake or anything..that is excatly my house address...but why the hell it read ..C-i-n-d-y-e T-e-o l-e-e Y-o-o-n-g........Is nothing close with Ra-Chel Che-ah...WTF yeh... Until now i can't get over it!!! hahahha..

*Yay is weekend agian, and i hope i'm going to see him, been busy at work agian, never stop...wonder if I able to reach further in this company...I wouldn't know anymore , i'm confuse much..

** listen to david archuleta - touch my hand (Y)(Y)(Y)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Flaming June

Yup, is flaming June, what can I say, is bloody hot everyday, and i'm roasted like a chicken..
picture coming up! Lol! much to update, lets start with my work, working in warehouse never been more fun, last week we had stock count day for my company...

well, imagine get cook under a big oven..i friggin' sweat like crazy my some picture i took!

If you know where this place, then, you can pay visit and grad something home :p , the biggest thing can be fridge or washer, smaller thing would be toner, your favourite thing will be LCD/LED...suit your self people..

took at 2 floor high, eh is very scary ok..I might fell down from there and break my leg or something..but is fun..hahahaha

Move on to my days catching up with soulmate , friends and even cousin..

Click to enlarge peeps..


My dad is always my hero...* embarrasing *..sorry dad! always bother you with my problem..Thanks daddy..:D

Is Us..=)..
In case you didn't know that, this sweet guy, done a lot thing to me, that every girl could ask for..=) ..

I will miss the day i spending so much time with you..looking forward to next time, shall we ?
*marked * 15th month..

and this all from Chef Bob good chef yeh, thanks for the food!
Even we all can't finish eveyrthing...*Burrpp*

Lazy type so much, let's the picture do the job :)
bye !

Monday, May 18, 2009

Quick Lunch

Guess who drop by at my work place and had quick lunch with me today..

like super quick lunch, grab eat and go..

Is the boyfriend and the bob..bob shave his!

We had subway! boyfriend favorite!

I wasn't have much time update lately, busy at work, i mean extremely busy...and i had the most lazy sunday lately.

and i bought a new phone, FINALLY! ok is not latest news but just wanna share. like after how many year...I deserve it ! but I miss my 6680.... =(

i had this n85, this is how the front camera look like...wasnt as good as my 6680 T___T

but the picture above took by the main camera with 5mp..which is a pro camera.. luv it..

Ok nothing to update besides more daily routine work life..SIGH..!
Bear with my fat face..let me be!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Is the boyfriend Birthday.

But probably my saddest , most stressful day ...I can't even express how it feel like anymore, i'm numb, couldn't tell him how I feel,
Is his birthday, didn't want to mess up his birthday.

To a point I can't even describe how i feel now.needed someone to talk to..

Back from the most relaxing trip with the boyfriend, and guess what. the island is still the same old island I been since 10 year ago :)
Is all just like a dream. and then back to the hell..

Call up andrew for solution, close friend of mine, always be there whenever I need help and felt depressed.

Don't know what else I can talk a bout, lastly..

I miss you Mr.Sim,
I miss you Bella ,
I miss you soulmate,

I'm missing you

HAPPY Birthday Darling Baby...

Time to sleep, back to reality again tomorrow.

God Bless!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Quick update:

I can't believe this is happening but guess what, :)

I and the boyfriend going to have a gateway to an island ( where? ) When i'm back I show u this sandy white beach :)

After more than 7 year or more than that...Finally I'm going there again.. thanks baby!

Can't wait for it...Ok, back to my packing, since tomorrow I still has to work tomorrow -__-"

Ok..'till then everyone, God bless for the Great weekend :) YAYY!! can't you see how excited is this?? hahaha..sorry peaps :p

Here we come .............:D hope this holiday Stay FOREVER!!!! T__T

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dedicate to you

You know who you are =)

A small dedicate for you..

(Credit picture to post secret)
Coz you've been trying hard to make me happy,giving me the best. ♥

How your weekend?

Is weekend ladies and gentlemen,
Which is a Fine and Hot sunny Saturday waiting ahead. Imagine I was wearing a black satin made dress..................... is F * hot ok! wrong choice! blame the boyfriend. -_-"

ok lots of picture ahead...:D because i'm in a good mood to snap picture.

before that I got something beautiful to show you all....Tadaa...
Is Orchid ! two type of them after a long wait for like 2 years? I'm sure orchid is not easy to grow. That what i been told....anyway..Dad told me they probably can last for 2 month or I snap this..look how beautiful they are? :)

Ok..back to my weekend with the boyfriend...apparently we shop around in Lot10 and looking for best swimsuit for myself for the trip ( counting down for 6 days to go..)...and we found it but i didn't get my paid yet so.....hope it still there for me when my return. =)

We went to grocery shop for snack!

And I learn that guy can be Choosy & confuse on chocolate at a time.

and while he choosing his chocolate, I'm at the Snack bar.....

And look what I found








Is Bloody Smith Chipssssssssss..!!! Ah Thanks Lord!! Finally here in KL?!! How I've dreaming!! Mr.SIM! I no longer need you! I know you reading This!!! hahahhah ok I sound a bit crazy here but really..this chips is..t-h-e b-e-s-t

Hello mr.smith, Goodbye mr.sim , I no longer need you help me get it. I dump you now.

Then we make a move to quite a long walk, coz we normally don't shop in Lot 10 though.

We are a boring couple doing boring thing every weekend, we only go pavilion! We ain't Rich...but they have the most convenience spot in the city. Parking no Jam, Leaving the mall no jam...happy!

Ever since I start shop in Bangsar, I'm just in love with those shoplots, the latest love would be Khai Boutique, trust me you will not expect what you walk out from there..the dresses is incredible nice. which I read some Bad review on them bout selling fake branded, who the hell care, as long as they bring you good stuff.

=) love him more when he do shopping =p

Ok..our day is basically shop, and movie ( Fast and Furious 4)
After watching Fast and furious, I got question in my head, Why the heck they choose Subaru Impreza WRX as their last race car??!, That just ugly and weird!

End of our day..Perhaps...I should upload my own picture...

Last but not least, Counting down for another t-h-e b-e-s-t , Shall we ? (*'ー'*)ふふっ♪

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our " Mata" got new car

I wasn't Ready to make entry today..
but i read this on newspaper and caught my attention on it..
which i guess is very interesting and funny at the same time. . . for me.

Our mata going to use this Mitsubishi evolution X as our nation patrol car. (゚〇゚;)?? exactly!

So our " mata" will have a faster patrol car to chase other! So now they can drive faster. block you anytime.. make sense
As info there only have like 10 unit or something..which is crap. I was though the whole klang valley change to this..then it will be more interesting. But why don't they choose Subaru WRX ? =D if they really do.................................
" wei 'bang...boleh tumpang tak?"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Confession of a...

And here am i agian...=)

ooohoo..I bought a Shu uemura painting eyeliner/gel eyeliner =)
Favorite buy! and I guess I'm the first buyer in malaysia ? =p..or possibly second..or third..and that not even important...

What important is..I love this eyeliner =)
Ok, I think i just become a fanatic of shu uemura....
anyway.. just a less than 2month...I have this.

Favorite buy of the day! sorry for the bad camera.


Like i happy what i spend =)

Looking forward to my trip to an island...stay tune!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Late update

Today was a good day...until I met 2 fugly malay woman again..and ruin it.
sigh..why must always them!! no offense to any of my malay friend. just those woman i met is just malay..I'm not racist! even chinese woman pissed me off in the morning.

Anyway, i don't wish to get so much hate and angry stuff anymore. I let God punish them


About my lovely Valentine's day =) It was lovely...I never knew boyfriend would just surprise me .. Sorry i didn't took any picture coz i totally Shock till I dunno what I'm suppose to do next or how i suppose react or express. like Shocking...totally surprise.

I only have my word to describe the whole thing, no picture..coz I totally forget bout it..

maybe i should re-take the picture of that day..such as like this..

When i jump into the car..Say hi to present...He got my present which is some cool bag..n he got me this for my valentine's present..I was tot that I'm happy what he got for me, coz is a couple moo moo..cute enough..

It suppose to have couple moo moo inside but i put them with me in the office already.

and all the way we was laughing and talking and bla bla bla...heading to Delicious at Duo residency! In case u didn't quite a while and i been there quite a lot of time, until staff there could just simply recognize us!! not joking! they know which seat we going to choose!

Ok back to topic...when we walk into DELIcious, i sense something awkward, like very ..and i just ignore my feeling until the waitress lead us to our seat that the boyfriend reserve..=) and suprise i say Shock...Shock....i mean =O..altho i didn't make that face out...but =O..suprise...i saw a pink bear sitting thr with flower..fine!.I didn't take add some imagination to you guys..this is how it look like...

Yes..this is excatly how it look like, the bear sitting himself alone in the restaurant waiting for my arrival. hahaha ( differences of this picture and that day will be just the location and the chair! )

ok It maybe look small for you all, but is Big bear for me coz my bed can't fit another big bear like this anymore..I know! bear can just simply make me happy!
I mean..when u have less expectation , you suprise yourself more. I did not expect he would buy this for me...all the while i tot the couple moo moo is just my valentines day present, sure come with roses and card. I know i talk too much but, guess what i really suprise and happy on what he did =) thanks baby.


Our Happy 12th month =)
nothing much seriously, we have a fantastic start!
He came pick me up and then his car stop for no reason, end up couldn't move and stop by road side. and causes 5 car accident just right behind us..sure we didn't involved but yeh..most of you know the detail..ok so let move on...after 3 great hour the car is fixed and we happy heading to DELIcious again~~~

We eat happily ...and same seat...happy waiter slash waitress...what else...ermm. that all i didn't get him anything coz i'm very shamless!


I'm done with this..till then can't wait to sleep now..!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Black wednesday

I know, stop asking me why am i not update,
When u come to a point of busy, or super ultra busy.
I work on saturday, and monday till 9pm..good thing is I got paid for it.. =D which is all worth it.
Mean I can buy myself a luxury compact powder.

I finally pamper myself for Shu uemura Foundation set. =)
Is good quality, worth for money. I guess i can use for a year or more for this whole is WORTH IT ok..!
Come to Compact power/2-way-cake ...i'm still doing survey on it! Refer from grace ..she say Dior is good my mum using Chanel..she say is good too. and finaly..i saw some M.A.C...ummph they release a Hello Kitty Edition..



There is whole lot more..just I simply paste whatever it look like..
I love Hello Kitty, just when come to Mac with Hello Kitty....for me just "tak glam " lol..
Maybe just me or what...Glam meh? is look nice ..just maybe just me lar..I think i love to see but not buying it. Before I was using Faceshop , after work upgrade de ok, must love and pamper myself. <-- excuses!


Ok ..bout black just black for me. I mean Bad black!
Work stuffed up..politic omg hate it.I never involved trust me, but I i got bad temper on how people treat me. I'll pay back..soon!

Everything on yesterday just goes wrong. work the boyfriend, and yay someone hack my bloody facebook slash hotmail. WTF who on this earth want to do that to me? i don't wan to further it just pissing me off.

and then the Dumbest train in the whole wide world KTM, got delay from 6pm til 740pm...I was lucky, I left office at i wait 40min..which is..still BAD ok WTF KTM..!!!!! AHHHHH

Will update My v'day with the Mr.Albayaty <-- :D love love
Till then, and I still on fire on the black wednesday ..Shit!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I always dream when i open my eye,
I see you sleep right beside me or right in front of me,
I hope to see you smile and feel good whenever you with me..
I hope we wasn't argue much like these day...
and live happily ever

but life wasn't that perfect sometime..
things change often and fast..
time passes...and everyone change ..
I couldn't recognize myself anymore..

My hand start shaking, heart beating very fast..
Im scare of losing you, I even scare that one day you stop love me when everything become angry and hate much..

My confession of my heart...
I wasn't that hard to please..
You can read my mind...
I easy to be happy whenever I see your face and your sweet talk..
nice and soft...

Maybe I'm deserve everything nice from you..
I love you..
always..and forever..

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good morning beautiful how was your night
Mine was wonderful with you by my side
And when I opened my eyes and see your sweet face
Its a good morning beautiful day

I couldn't see the light
I didn't know day from night
I had no reason to care
since you came along
I can face the dawn
Cause I know you'll be there

Good morning beautiful how was your night
Mine was wonderful with you by my side
And when I opened my eyes and see your sweet face
Its a good morning beautiful day

I never worry if it's raining outside
Cause in here with you girl the sun always shines

Good morning beautiful how was your night
Mine was wonderful with you by my side
And when I opened my eyes and see your sweet face
Its a good morning beautiful day

Friday, January 30, 2009

Flash Back

Alright boys and girls...
Guess what sudden hit me few days back...

I miss my old phone so much..T_T
I mean..few of

My first phone was back in 2002
Around that..which is my friend bought me this Nokia 2100 as my present!
The housing of the phone actually quite transparency I had the green one and the pink housing last time..original is come with pink..I think!

Next! then my parents bought me this Panasonic G51 in 2003?
Is a mini phone with mini keypad! like super mini! actually this is my favourite phone, coz is very tiny! lol and is from my parents :) lol...and between that time I use this phone call Nokia N-gage the very first generation of N-gage! Well i guess is a boy phone after all

And then my friend bought me this Motorola V690,

In titanium colour, which I use it for a while..until is can't flip anymore, and mum decide to buy me this new phone Nokia 6680, which is the one I'm using now since Oct 2005 ! Woah how long is that? :p and still good!

Well before i use this all actually i was using my mum phone nokia 3210! classic
heavy enough to kill someone. I guss my dad use to have Ericsson phone (current sony ericsson), my dad use to have nice ericsson phone light and small, and before that was something like a motorola, my dad never use nokia in his life for some reason lol.

Oh look what I found! haha ok la, just a box! the phone already trade in, but for the panasonic actually dad give it to someone else last time, long story!!!

Yaya! I know ! Most of my phone my friend buy for me, I dunno why! lol
There story behind all this phone, lots of memories... why i choose the V690..story lies behind! the panasonic n this motorola bring me back to good memories. those silly thing I done and my college life T________T i miss it so much! bring me back to Ucsi! tho is suck! lol

Friday, January 16, 2009

sad post! you can ignore it

When u make someone happy, they will remember just that moment.
when u make someone upset bout u, and you pretty much screwed up becoz he/she only think how suck u can be and pretty much ripped off all the good/happy thing you have done.

people will never think bout how good are you when u once do bad!
just like once they a say, when they a small black spot on the huge white board, people only will see the black spot, which is on the bad thing on u. people will step you down and boycott you becoz of one mistake you have done.

I'm talking about relationship between a couple, your colleague, between with your friends and so on..any relationship between with human, that what u will get.
I'm not talking bout everyone will be like that, mostly ! they are!
even sad when come to a couple, every move u do you went to the wrong side, the other partner tempted to be a memory lost. lol

sigh anyway i guess u get my point, so yeh, don't do that to anyone beside you, always there second chance, or more chances you can give in!

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year resolution

Let's see.......
New Year resolution.......Hrmmmmm..
Everyone was like asking me when is my list out..! sorry, I lie..I wasn't even think about it or prepare to post up that..

wish you all have a fascinating & blessed year 2009 :)

Is not late to greet you all, because is still new year ma wtf! so just take it. :p

Here they are, Rach's New Year's resolutions goals for 2009:

1. Lose ten pounds ( LOL...!!!!!!!!!!)
2. Earn more $ ka-ching!
3. Try start give pocket $ to parents, even earning less ( I'm a good girl ok..deng)
4. Part time study :)
5. Shop more..... LOLLLL

You'll notice I've run the gamut from sacred to profane. That old chestnut, lose weight. Yes, I know, if I put my mind to it I can certainly do that. Perhaps I should try the Diet Cookies. Where can buy ah?

So how I spend my Eve? :D
Is was a Great end for 2008, altho the bad thing happen, for whoever know this, is pretty much my life change for 2008, guess it can be as bad, but know what, God with us. :)
Love how the boyfriend took all the bad memory away for a day. Great gateway :)

I truly hope yours is a good one, with a nice full stop of 2008, and a good start of 2009

me and dad in my cousin wedding on 8th Dec'08 bro and my fellow cousin at the wedding reception

Makeup done by Shu Uemura, pro!me and the boy friend at the wedding
Us, fresh 1st Jan'09

The rest go see facebook la -_-"! i almost upload eveyrthing there, almost which is 80% only, another 20%..private :D.. don't think dirty ok, just thought that wasn't nice to post it up anyway.

Good news is..Simmy is back! ok :D !
miss us together in one picture..:D..

THERE! :D I look like a tard! lol

Happy New Year! Till then