Saturday, April 18, 2009

How your weekend?

Is weekend ladies and gentlemen,
Which is a Fine and Hot sunny Saturday waiting ahead. Imagine I was wearing a black satin made dress..................... is F * hot ok! wrong choice! blame the boyfriend. -_-"

ok lots of picture ahead...:D because i'm in a good mood to snap picture.

before that I got something beautiful to show you all....Tadaa...
Is Orchid ! two type of them after a long wait for like 2 years? I'm sure orchid is not easy to grow. That what i been told....anyway..Dad told me they probably can last for 2 month or I snap this..look how beautiful they are? :)

Ok..back to my weekend with the boyfriend...apparently we shop around in Lot10 and looking for best swimsuit for myself for the trip ( counting down for 6 days to go..)...and we found it but i didn't get my paid yet so.....hope it still there for me when my return. =)

We went to grocery shop for snack!

And I learn that guy can be Choosy & confuse on chocolate at a time.

and while he choosing his chocolate, I'm at the Snack bar.....

And look what I found








Is Bloody Smith Chipssssssssss..!!! Ah Thanks Lord!! Finally here in KL?!! How I've dreaming!! Mr.SIM! I no longer need you! I know you reading This!!! hahahhah ok I sound a bit crazy here but really..this chips is..t-h-e b-e-s-t

Hello mr.smith, Goodbye mr.sim , I no longer need you help me get it. I dump you now.

Then we make a move to quite a long walk, coz we normally don't shop in Lot 10 though.

We are a boring couple doing boring thing every weekend, we only go pavilion! We ain't Rich...but they have the most convenience spot in the city. Parking no Jam, Leaving the mall no jam...happy!

Ever since I start shop in Bangsar, I'm just in love with those shoplots, the latest love would be Khai Boutique, trust me you will not expect what you walk out from there..the dresses is incredible nice. which I read some Bad review on them bout selling fake branded, who the hell care, as long as they bring you good stuff.

=) love him more when he do shopping =p

Ok..our day is basically shop, and movie ( Fast and Furious 4)
After watching Fast and furious, I got question in my head, Why the heck they choose Subaru Impreza WRX as their last race car??!, That just ugly and weird!

End of our day..Perhaps...I should upload my own picture...

Last but not least, Counting down for another t-h-e b-e-s-t , Shall we ? (*'ー'*)ふふっ♪


Nat said...

YES to the krispy kremee :) good entry hihihi

Sam said...

ur boyfriend is good looking guy. Happy weekend girl

E v e e said...

what a long entry? Like long ok, not to compare to mine =p
must be busy to keep taking picture wherever you go =p
but ok loh, at least you entertain ur favourite reader here =D.....
monday in the office signing out now!!!!! too bored bull biscuit

ee5y said...

wahahahahah i like yr ' mr sim , i dump u now ' why do you need mr.sim?

who is he?