Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How much you actually aware and understand?

This going to be a very confusing post.
I mean, very confuse .

Just asking myself, how much does others people realize and aware what you've done ?
what've you been telling them, the word, how much they absorb and take it seriously and knowing that you mean every single word? I hope whoever reading, get what i just put it down.

Example, when you say I'm sorry, how much do you understand the word, Sorry ! think again.
here another, when you tell someone " I love you " much you mean it? can you actually feel it come out from your heart..? you it just any other word.

How much you understand the word, Appreciate... take a moment and think how much you appreciate people that you loved around you, think again...what've you done that you make them feel you truly appreciate their Appearance in you life..

Try to take sometime in your busy day, to at least send a text or give a call, make them feel you think about them or at least he/she know he cross your mind for a minute. that you actually care about them, make someone feel important, just like you want other do it to you. . just a fact.. that we might neglect and not aware about it..

Imysm <3

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