Thursday, April 29, 2010


I love my parents,
and I know they love me as much as I do.
Somehow we party wouldn't know how to confess much about it.

I love to talk to them whenever I can.
But maybe I wasn't good in talk or not good to start a conversation with someone.
I always failed to make them laugh on what I say.
On the other hand, they probably laugh and happy talking with both of my brothers..whatever my brothers talk about, they pay attention and show interest in it...

I feel left out somehow...very...
I'm already used to this..since long time...but it will never felt any better..

I wonder how to tell them I love and care about them alot,
despite all of this things happen..they are my beloved mum and dad..
They love me alot, just showing me different way and care about me different.

God bless My mum and dad, for a healthy good life.


Health and Fitness said...

My heart is going out for you. You are very unhappy. May I give you one piece of advice. Don't try to hard to make them laugh. Just be yourself, and not someone else or like your brothers. Smile and the world smiles with you. Smile all the time and say nice things to them. Be sweet, even if you feel in your heart so depressed. You will discover that this is working all the time.
Don't feel deprived or as the black sheep in the family, it is not worth it. Your parents love you. Be you the one who tells them you love them in words and a smile. Let your brothers be the clowns and you the lady. Become so adorable that they can't resist you. Work on your personality. Think good thoughts about yourself and paint a picture in your mind how you want to be. See a clear picture of it, dwell over it and you will become what you want to be.
You are so special and unique. There isn't another girl like you. Change your "About me" because nothing you said there are true. My motto in life is: What you think about, you bring about, and let go and let God.
Jesus loves you girl. You are so special to him that he gave his life for you. You are special to more people than you think and it is time for you to believe it.

Have a great day

rach! said...

Thanks Nabreska, Is really sweet and appreciate your advices :) . I try to work on it!