Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strange feeling hit again..

Writing a post in blog spot or any other blog website, probably one of the way of expressing your inner feeling, which is the feeling that is so hard to express and describe to other people..

I post an entry once in a while when, I think I got the words to put it in here..

So nonetheless..the feeling just hit me again. There so much mixed feeling inside me..sometime I feeel, wake up and get my ass to work, and work harder and harder..and get paid at the end of the month..which is the life I can't avoid at all. I can do the same routine everyday..I can tell the same story to other people or new people I met everyday. I call this boring routine work life - The reality..

Sometime I felt, I should against the whole thing! I need to express myself from head to toe, inside out, I need to tell them who the boss now! Working in this city is not an easy task at all, trust me when you dealing with such much races country..you will see lots of faces , personalities, characteristic in this societies. Where this more than enough to make you sick..I always thought and tell myself to calm down ...calm down...calm down...I tell myself that..the world is beautiful..world is so much to get mad and angry of this tiny little human in the city..

Back to reality again, I can't avoid it to deal with people that they close their mind and work so serious. I'm a fun and easy going person when it come to work..I think work can be so much fun..but oh well too bad..- The reality...

Maybe I should open up myself to the world, I love to meet new people, talk to people, experience the world, exposed myself to different culture, Although I already have one completely different culture boyfriend, but I'm really looking forward to know his country more..

I always failed to get social with my friend due to laziness..!!! Maybe I should keep up my pace again.. I do not want to lock myself under the deep down well like the frog.. only looking at the small part of the world.

Life is all about everything that make possibilities, Life is all about how you going to make yourself more happy than who you are right now, Life is all about how you make it so much more beautiful, Life is all about how you share the joy and happiness with others, Life don't just stop here like it or not, Life is about YOU!

..Would like to update here more whenever I got the words again, but words don't just stop here, because it always run in our head..

p/s: some people might don't even get what you trying to say sometime because most probably when the word run into their head it become different meaning/definition.. There are not stupid/dumb, our brain just run different.

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