Thursday, December 25, 2008


Remember how I spend my last year on Christmas,
Went Church with soulmate, and pizza right after it..
another year, but again, we been improve , we bring own partner to church! Before I head to Church, Have a small talk with Dad, Im glad that God always give me the courage to open up thing talk with my dad , that make me feel good after it. After all is Christmas Day...:)

There is so many to tell and talk about inside me, but don't know where to start and how.
Was just thinking that, the world is beautiful, life is short and human is ugly, do anything you want without care what others. Recently I found myself very emo + bad temper...We need to talk soulmate ! T___T sigh.. It felt like yesterday, all the going out movie shopping, with soulmate and sim..:( why aren't we doing it anymore...I miss both alot!

Ahh..emo again..why! the very once a month is here!
Looking forward to New Year :)
Update soon for the New Year Resolution :p ( I hope when i list it out...i able to do it! )

Till then..
Merry Christmas everyone

1 comment:

sam said...

you always emo 1 ;p
world is beutiful life is short, and why human is ugly?!!! hahahahah stupid