Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year resolution

Let's see.......
New Year resolution.......Hrmmmmm..
Everyone was like asking me when is my list out..! sorry, I lie..I wasn't even think about it or prepare to post up that..

wish you all have a fascinating & blessed year 2009 :)

Is not late to greet you all, because is still new year ma wtf! so just take it. :p

Here they are, Rach's New Year's resolutions goals for 2009:

1. Lose ten pounds ( LOL...!!!!!!!!!!)
2. Earn more $ ka-ching!
3. Try start give pocket $ to parents, even earning less ( I'm a good girl ok..deng)
4. Part time study :)
5. Shop more..... LOLLLL

You'll notice I've run the gamut from sacred to profane. That old chestnut, lose weight. Yes, I know, if I put my mind to it I can certainly do that. Perhaps I should try the Diet Cookies. Where can buy ah?

So how I spend my Eve? :D
Is was a Great end for 2008, altho the bad thing happen, for whoever know this, is pretty much my life change for 2008, guess it can be as bad, but know what, God with us. :)
Love how the boyfriend took all the bad memory away for a day. Great gateway :)

I truly hope yours is a good one, with a nice full stop of 2008, and a good start of 2009

me and dad in my cousin wedding on 8th Dec'08 bro and my fellow cousin at the wedding reception

Makeup done by Shu Uemura, pro!me and the boy friend at the wedding
Us, fresh 1st Jan'09

The rest go see facebook la -_-"! i almost upload eveyrthing there, almost which is 80% only, another 20%..private :D.. don't think dirty ok, just thought that wasn't nice to post it up anyway.

Good news is..Simmy is back! ok :D !
miss us together in one picture..:D..

THERE! :D I look like a tard! lol

Happy New Year! Till then


Kris said...

Good luck with your resolutions!
nice photo, happy new year!

Sam said...

Good luck with those goals. My New Years post was a little less optimistic.

ee5y said...

HAHA yes! u do look like a tart on the last pict, why never text me on new year? Arggrrghhhh!