Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I always dream when i open my eye,
I see you sleep right beside me or right in front of me,
I hope to see you smile and feel good whenever you with me..
I hope we wasn't argue much like these day...
and live happily ever

but life wasn't that perfect sometime..
things change often and fast..
time passes...and everyone change ..
I couldn't recognize myself anymore..

My hand start shaking, heart beating very fast..
Im scare of losing you, I even scare that one day you stop love me when everything become angry and hate much..

My confession of my heart...
I wasn't that hard to please..
You can read my mind...
I easy to be happy whenever I see your face and your sweet talk..
nice and soft...

Maybe I'm deserve everything nice from you..
I love you..
always..and forever..