Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Black wednesday

I know, stop asking me why am i not update,
When u come to a point of busy, or super ultra busy.
I work on saturday, and monday till 9pm..good thing is I got paid for it.. =D which is all worth it.
Mean I can buy myself a luxury compact powder.

I finally pamper myself for Shu uemura Foundation set. =)
Is good quality, worth for money. I guess i can use for a year or more for this whole is WORTH IT ok..!
Come to Compact power/2-way-cake ...i'm still doing survey on it! Refer from grace ..she say Dior is good my mum using Chanel..she say is good too. and finaly..i saw some M.A.C...ummph they release a Hello Kitty Edition..



There is whole lot more..just I simply paste whatever it look like..
I love Hello Kitty, just when come to Mac with Hello Kitty....for me just "tak glam " lol..
Maybe just me or what...Glam meh? is look nice ..just maybe just me lar..I think i love to see but not buying it. Before I was using Faceshop , after work upgrade de ok, must love and pamper myself. <-- excuses!


Ok ..bout black just black for me. I mean Bad black!
Work stuffed up..politic omg hate it.I never involved trust me, but I i got bad temper on how people treat me. I'll pay back..soon!

Everything on yesterday just goes wrong. work the boyfriend, and yay someone hack my bloody facebook slash hotmail. WTF who on this earth want to do that to me? i don't wan to further it just pissing me off.

and then the Dumbest train in the whole wide world KTM, got delay from 6pm til 740pm...I was lucky, I left office at i wait 40min..which is..still BAD ok WTF KTM..!!!!! AHHHHH

Will update My v'day with the Mr.Albayaty <-- :D love love
Till then, and I still on fire on the black wednesday ..Shit!


Sam said...

Dumbest train hahahahah funnie lah u

Nat said...

NICE le, got bling bling on hello kitty, so cute.

I check their website but is all sold out will try see if they sell in mid valley or not.