Monday, May 4, 2009

Is the boyfriend Birthday.

But probably my saddest , most stressful day ...I can't even express how it feel like anymore, i'm numb, couldn't tell him how I feel,
Is his birthday, didn't want to mess up his birthday.

To a point I can't even describe how i feel now.needed someone to talk to..

Back from the most relaxing trip with the boyfriend, and guess what. the island is still the same old island I been since 10 year ago :)
Is all just like a dream. and then back to the hell..

Call up andrew for solution, close friend of mine, always be there whenever I need help and felt depressed.

Don't know what else I can talk a bout, lastly..

I miss you Mr.Sim,
I miss you Bella ,
I miss you soulmate,

I'm missing you

HAPPY Birthday Darling Baby...

Time to sleep, back to reality again tomorrow.

God Bless!


Nat said...

What a depressing entry? yet sound sweet? i guess you really under stress. Cheer up girl , thing wil get just fine =)

Sam said...

wah!! last picture very nice.

Stop emo rach! =p

Bella said...

I miss you too my lil gangster baby

Sherleen said...

where's the island?
hehe why didnt upload more pics??
more pics!!