Monday, May 18, 2009

Quick Lunch

Guess who drop by at my work place and had quick lunch with me today..

like super quick lunch, grab eat and go..

Is the boyfriend and the bob..bob shave his!

We had subway! boyfriend favorite!

I wasn't have much time update lately, busy at work, i mean extremely busy...and i had the most lazy sunday lately.

and i bought a new phone, FINALLY! ok is not latest news but just wanna share. like after how many year...I deserve it ! but I miss my 6680.... =(

i had this n85, this is how the front camera look like...wasnt as good as my 6680 T___T

but the picture above took by the main camera with 5mp..which is a pro camera.. luv it..

Ok nothing to update besides more daily routine work life..SIGH..!
Bear with my fat face..let me be!

1 comment:

Evee said...

wwah where you work? never see that place before! work life sux man