Friday, June 12, 2009

Reach as far as I can

Receive this postcard few day ago,
I never suprise getting mail from MNG, I normally receive a lot mail from them, and I'm ain't big fan of them..weird..

Anyway what caught my attention from this postcard is, it say I'm invited for their VIP's Sale Preview..i wonder what kind of sale that able to get preview..maybe you able to get some first buy on nice goodies on cheap guess...

They put it " VIP " make you feel so important or special chosen.hahaha..and when you there you gonna end up pack with bunch of aunties..

So it also say i able to bring 2 friend with me ..on Wednesday 1pm-10pm , I'm working plus i don't have i give up to go have a look..

And the MOST funny thing and caught my attention the this..





Ok , apparently they send to the right address, yes, that my address, no number mistake or anything..that is excatly my house address...but why the hell it read ..C-i-n-d-y-e T-e-o l-e-e Y-o-o-n-g........Is nothing close with Ra-Chel Che-ah...WTF yeh... Until now i can't get over it!!! hahahha..

*Yay is weekend agian, and i hope i'm going to see him, been busy at work agian, never stop...wonder if I able to reach further in this company...I wouldn't know anymore , i'm confuse much..

** listen to david archuleta - touch my hand (Y)(Y)(Y)

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