Sunday, June 7, 2009

Flaming June

Yup, is flaming June, what can I say, is bloody hot everyday, and i'm roasted like a chicken..
picture coming up! Lol! much to update, lets start with my work, working in warehouse never been more fun, last week we had stock count day for my company...

well, imagine get cook under a big oven..i friggin' sweat like crazy my some picture i took!

If you know where this place, then, you can pay visit and grad something home :p , the biggest thing can be fridge or washer, smaller thing would be toner, your favourite thing will be LCD/LED...suit your self people..

took at 2 floor high, eh is very scary ok..I might fell down from there and break my leg or something..but is fun..hahahaha

Move on to my days catching up with soulmate , friends and even cousin..

Click to enlarge peeps..


My dad is always my hero...* embarrasing *..sorry dad! always bother you with my problem..Thanks daddy..:D

Is Us..=)..
In case you didn't know that, this sweet guy, done a lot thing to me, that every girl could ask for..=) ..

I will miss the day i spending so much time with you..looking forward to next time, shall we ?
*marked * 15th month..

and this all from Chef Bob good chef yeh, thanks for the food!
Even we all can't finish eveyrthing...*Burrpp*

Lazy type so much, let's the picture do the job :)
bye !


Nat said...

can't finish the food? that so little!

you both look so great together, babe ;)

Sam said...

oo very nice picture there