Thursday, August 6, 2009


Life been miserable much lately.

Please do not stop checking if i updating or not.
Sometime i hate my job, sometime i love my job,
Sometime i think he love me , sometime i don't,
Sometime i think i can do it, sometime i just giving up, name a very confuse person,

There friend of mine saying, I'm using 2 side of my brain left and right to make decision, which is logic and sure..but I can say that very confuse..

i know myself, and there another one understand and know me alot too...this person will remain disclosed =)

Hoping for the best of my career, and I hope I'm getting it.

God bless !

1 comment:

ade said...

you're sound confused ... try again and again n again, don't give up babe whatever it is =)