Sunday, December 23, 2007

Call & Search

Now that I'm twenty-ish years old, or even I'm getting old like thirty-ish, Or forty-ish years old. And so all these years have given most of us neither the pleasures we assumed and some get nor the big payoffs they always dreams about. Reward and laurels may come form time to time as we work hard on it, it's true, but the hapiness they bring doesn't last very long. There are the peak moments, of course...and the stretches of sunshine.

But why do we/I always seem overshadowed by the gnawing sense of unfulfillment, the sameness of days? There's a say :" most people get a fair amound of fun out of their lives, but on balance life is suffering and only the very young or the foolish imagine otherwise."

And so here I , we stand together at the crossroads, wunderkinds, and gazing Janus-like forward and back, trying to firgure out what the rest of our days on earth will bring. Trying to formulate a strategy. Trying to discover where the gold of happiness and fulfillment lies hidden. Trying to find out if there really is any gold.

And then that little voice comes again: Time is running out, is this really all there is?

Life, is like setting a sail on a boat that we all know is someday going to sink.
Such thoughts are troubling. But what can I/we do except live as fully as possible, and enjoy the things we've been told will make us happy?

So I and most of us have a love affair. We buy a new dress-shopping spree. or guy go for a new car. Some look for a better job, or work harder at the one they have.( work is boring than pleasure) Some visit the gym. Some monitor diet. Some rent videos. On sundays some persure the travels section of the paper, looking for an escape that will whisk them away from this stale reality and make them feel like we're really alive. Or knowing that it can never be so, therfore some use drugs and alcohol to fill the void.

Yet! no matter what divesions we turn to, that little voice keeps returning." Is this it?" it ask again and again. And if it is, why do i feel so unfulfilled at a time in life when I'm supposed to be enjoying the greated rewards? If these are the best years of my life, why do i feel so empty?"

to be continue...

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Anonymous said...

ure an inspiration. u seem to be one of the hardest working authors out there and that seems to be what it takes these days. good writing.

nat said...

TQ for the movie you told me
Update more ,make a review haha