Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Have to start everything new, decide to leave the old blog and start on the new one! Yet, stil not sure who will be reading this all, hopefully someone random/ new people.

Been working as a trainee almost 2 month, I repharse, not even 2 month like helloowww, I did count before I start the intern, is only bout 40+ day or so, which is not too bad. Met up new people here, such as some ang moh lang ( white/caucasian), from holland, german , and british. At first, I really can't get along with my team mate, which his from holland, he show me his attitude that make me hate him so badd!!

After few week we talk to each other like close friend and go drink after work. How funny is that. My manager from holland too, yeh, he a nice guy but a 99.9% workaholic. I can't wait to back to uni life, but at the same time I'm gonna miss this all. Wtf !

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