Thursday, October 2, 2008


Yes, Ahem..I'm bored at work!
taking this opportunity to make an entry and update!
my raya, which is my 2 days holiday, was totaly suck...but the boy friend finally save it.
I was sitting at home watch tv, spending time with my parents (not excatly..but at least i'm stayin at home), and catch up with 2 HK drama, after the end of moonlight resonance( damn nice ok! i gu
ess everyone was watching it anyway) , the lastest I have is " the four" & " last one standing" , maybe becoz of the moonlight resonance, I start enjoying myself watching Lum Fung in ' the four' =p ..

I'm gonna be bridemaid for my cousin sister wedding. :O
yes totally :O my first time, sound not easy for they told me
i need to help do this and that during her wedding days, T__T I'm not enjoying it..
I got myself a dinner dress on her wedding, that I first saw the dress in Topshop website, and im so in love, and i guess is so 'rach' dress ..hahaha

and so ...I'm the onwer of this lovely dress, ok la, maybe for u guys jst normal, but for me is really lovely. and cost me heaps too T_T...$ gone just like that..45pound..convert and see..T__T, but what to do, very hard to find thing i fall at the first sight. plus it look orite for the wedding dinner and the material is very nice...( i guess , can u imagine rach in this dress? :x )

Next mission is looking for a day time dress for the wedding, since im bride maid, very ma farn. EH! i tot bride maid suppose to have free dress to wear one? not provided meh? :s anyway, i would like to wear the dress above to the dinner..and have to lose some weight :(

oh, by the way I have 48 pending customer waiting for me to call, what worse is, my schedule of calling out is only 2 hour today, so sick of this, make me feel like i want to puke...

wish me luck, =)
god bless everyone, have a happy weekend, (some of u not working today, and call me and kacau, wtf!)



Eagle eye rating 8 out of 10

Why I rate this movie so high! Because......Shia Lebeouf ....He is...Hawtttt in the movie..!!! Ok la maybe not all of you like him... but for me...i definately will go for him..=x

can he be any HOTTER??! ...LOL...
for some reason, after the movie, i find the boyfriend look slightly, a little...not close but..look like him..hahahhahaha! ok not funny.. worth money watching this movie..heh!


nat said...

I just start download the moonlight thing, so far okay

Get a any bright cheerful color dresses for the day wedding reception. that my suggest hihihi~~~
the black dress you got very nice and simple woh

ee5y said...

the dress not bad, so there have other colour eh? if yr cousin rich then ur bridemaid dress will be free lah hahah

Anonymous said...

shia hot ? eeerrm.. so so! he very short

Z S A B E L L E said...

rachel!!! :D i've updated my blog.. wohoo... me like ur eye lashes... hehehe... ntg wrong with making ourself pretty... ignore those who want to say about us... heheeh