Tuesday, September 23, 2008


First of all I would like to present thissssss…Yes! Is the new Google Chrome...

Internet Explorer 7 is totally owned! I guess? Well IE7 used to be my favorite web browser, unfortunately, it’s taking time to load a page, ( or maybe just my internet speed?) not just that, it also eating up a lots space for some reason, is there any IT geek answer me this question ? loll

And then I move to Firefox, I never thought Firefox is this good until I download it, it load my page faster than ever, impress me, and it wasn’t eating up space when browse the web. I wasn’t feel safe when I using Firefox though, because for some reason my Norton 360 antivirus thingy wasn’t protected it. But YESTERDAY, my beloved Norton finally updates with new version and my Firefox finally is under protected and so I can finally sleep well, I’m gay.

Finally, Google Chrome, ok la u go download yourself and find out, wasn’t bad, but maybe it still beta and not much function can use yet, I find it cool as in look like this..LOL, I find it bad because very not convenience to use, maybe just beta version.

My conclusion is, IE7 is owned.

My work is not too bad, time passes very fast when you keep talking on the phone with the customer. Some customer is cute, some customer is funny, some customer is annoying, some customer is pissing me off..There a woman calls up, asking loads of question, and so at the end of the conversation, she randomly asks me if I’m Christian? So I say yes, and she continues saying “good to talk with someone like you, and God bless you….AWwww...She totally makes my day! (For me is something really nice ma! )

And, there one old man, sound like an old man for me though, about 50ish I guess, he call up at least 5 times a day, to asking the same question, or some random question, is annoying but slowly we find it very funny and cute. Hahaha

ok I got nothing to blog actually,
tired de going to sleep at 10pm sharp! Good bye + Good night!


ching said...

HAHA! randomness!

nat said...

lol agree agree! but i still using IE 7 lah, is not that bad, but seriously taking up the space

ee5y said...

Cheer up ya you can make it through
you will become..resistant to it