Thursday, November 20, 2008


( ̄十 ̄)アーメン・・・

Guess what is this for... ( ̄十 ̄) praying for the best...
I've been applying for my new job, YUP!!
I make up my mind and start looking for job for the past 2 week! result wasn't bad at all, a lot of feed back!

And guess what I did not apply any, but the job come to me, :O already went to few interview, gaining more experience on interview, meeting up different people and one of the interview got exam..for one hour..hahahahaha And guess what i did not ready for it. but question wasn't that hard tho.

Anyway, I make decision on one of them, and leave this HP for good! I'm so over this 3month in HP! Counting down 6 more days to go OOooHOOOOooO!!
I know! New company probably won't be this relax, might be no more watching drama, no more play game, no more Youtube, no more MSN, what worse come is can't even use computer! I Know!!!! Sound like I wasn't working at all honeymoon, but what behind you can't see tough work...! Gonna start busy life, as i have actually decided to continue my study. --- as part time! :0) wish me all the best peeps!

I'm so glad that people around me being so supportive during this period * touch* Especially my parents, giving so much advise and support! and another important person...the boyfriend... I couldn't ask for more from him anymore, he the sweetest guy in the world. loll OK maybe for me only OK?! fair enough.. He been giving me so much advise and support, and driving me all the way to Shah Alam early in the morning for interview..
DEEP(* ^^)・^* )KISS!

Ok! lately My beloved soulmate very into the photoshop thingie, here 2 picture she photoshop it! make me look so pretty! which doesn't look like me at all anymore! Ok lar give her sometime to level up! here the masterpiece hahaha^2

this one definately not rachel, hello chic what ur name?
this one still alright I guess


nat said...

NOT YOU! k , the last one maybe is you , first is your sister hahaha
Good luck on new job

ee5y said...

both look the same lah, just the last pict look cacat a bit jeje. second photo eye look so small? compliment to soul mate . Q for soul mate, which photoshop software u use?

All the best for new job, you have all my support too hehe

sam said...

ur boy very sugar + sweet get diabetes yet? no more angry time ah? last time always blog not happy post :p so sweet lately

Anonymous said...

your work in hp very relax ho? watch drama fuiiyoh

Boyfriend said...

Lol. She Still dunno how to use it hehe.. The last pic not nice, Your face look fat. body, thin .. how come ..
Never see you like this before lol..
Love Yeh

Geo said...

she over done your face. her photoshop skill is over. A pro photoshop which still look like you and yet you look prettier! look like you got plastic and become someone else hahahaha

rach! said...

Just becoz u all see me before! that why! if u guys not my fren hoho..i can use it cheat ppl! :p i guess both look ...not bad..hahah..jst maybe not so me that its..

no way i will go plastic la dude! come on i love how i look still i mean after make up bahaha

sam - don jealous la, i always sweet wif my bf, go sugar ur own girl

soulmate said...

Come on... just 1st time or may b few times using the photoshop....u guys dun expect the result to be so Pro huh? If u think is so damn easy to use... go get one n try it urself!!

p/s: skills improved, not so OVER already!

rach! said...

SEE you guy make my soulmate so angry! let her level up like i told! :p..don angry soulmate ! go poke all of dem in facebook lol