Friday, January 16, 2009

sad post! you can ignore it

When u make someone happy, they will remember just that moment.
when u make someone upset bout u, and you pretty much screwed up becoz he/she only think how suck u can be and pretty much ripped off all the good/happy thing you have done.

people will never think bout how good are you when u once do bad!
just like once they a say, when they a small black spot on the huge white board, people only will see the black spot, which is on the bad thing on u. people will step you down and boycott you becoz of one mistake you have done.

I'm talking about relationship between a couple, your colleague, between with your friends and so on..any relationship between with human, that what u will get.
I'm not talking bout everyone will be like that, mostly ! they are!
even sad when come to a couple, every move u do you went to the wrong side, the other partner tempted to be a memory lost. lol

sigh anyway i guess u get my point, so yeh, don't do that to anyone beside you, always there second chance, or more chances you can give in!


sam said...

yup! people around you tend to bring u down. so behave, don't ever let people try to hunt your ugly side!

Jasmine7 said...

cheer up! OK...?
rach i know not dis emo 1 :p
rach i know very random and happy! haha

Sherleen said...

i understand how u feel and u canot do anything abt it right.
just appreciate the ppl who respects you and love you for who you are Jiji!
Gong xi gong xi btw! <3 <3