Friday, January 30, 2009

Flash Back

Alright boys and girls...
Guess what sudden hit me few days back...

I miss my old phone so much..T_T
I mean..few of

My first phone was back in 2002
Around that..which is my friend bought me this Nokia 2100 as my present!
The housing of the phone actually quite transparency I had the green one and the pink housing last time..original is come with pink..I think!

Next! then my parents bought me this Panasonic G51 in 2003?
Is a mini phone with mini keypad! like super mini! actually this is my favourite phone, coz is very tiny! lol and is from my parents :) lol...and between that time I use this phone call Nokia N-gage the very first generation of N-gage! Well i guess is a boy phone after all

And then my friend bought me this Motorola V690,

In titanium colour, which I use it for a while..until is can't flip anymore, and mum decide to buy me this new phone Nokia 6680, which is the one I'm using now since Oct 2005 ! Woah how long is that? :p and still good!

Well before i use this all actually i was using my mum phone nokia 3210! classic
heavy enough to kill someone. I guss my dad use to have Ericsson phone (current sony ericsson), my dad use to have nice ericsson phone light and small, and before that was something like a motorola, my dad never use nokia in his life for some reason lol.

Oh look what I found! haha ok la, just a box! the phone already trade in, but for the panasonic actually dad give it to someone else last time, long story!!!

Yaya! I know ! Most of my phone my friend buy for me, I dunno why! lol
There story behind all this phone, lots of memories... why i choose the V690..story lies behind! the panasonic n this motorola bring me back to good memories. those silly thing I done and my college life T________T i miss it so much! bring me back to Ucsi! tho is suck! lol


Sam said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA the 3210 is SUPER classic okk! Last time i got a 8210 and then 8310! i'm cooler than u =p HAHAHA

ee5y said...

SAM you LOSER! I got a 8310 too ok? so we same nothing to be proud

rach how come they treat you so good ? keke

nat said...

ooi i got a 8240 the butterfly one , and stil with me haha i mean i keep it lah

rach! said...

I tell you guys a secret i use to dream to have 8250/butterfly, i told myself when i start work i must get it! HAHhahahahhahah how innocent i am

nat said...

WTFFF HAHAH you so lame

adrian said...

That panasonic is Jay chou commercial last time right ? the one he do magic !

that one so small but cute for girl la

jayvee said...

when u become so emo? emo chic!
i so forget my blog password =(

soulmate said...

LOL! my 1st phone was 8250 butterfly!!! better than urs! but i lost it lol!

didnt know u got so many phone b4? the panasonice one is so lame! hahah the motorola i know the story behind! wanna know come ask me! hahaha

nat said...

WHAT THE STORY BEHIND?????!!!! WHat kind of thing involve??? tell telll ms.soulmate!!!! we wan to know! msn me! =)

Oh by the way! the N-gage most lame if i specific my previous comment! answer and listen the phone like idiot when put it on the ear

soulmate said...

hahhaa ya i agreed with u nat, N-gage that phoen listen side way so weird! hahahha