Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Wall-E : rating 8.5/10

20/8/08: Catch up with Wall-E, first movie after final exam..
not much word can describe this movie, is a nice show, recommend to everyone
is cute, innocent, world issue, ummph...touch, on ..i love the movie..:p

People who work in Pixer is all genius, how can they make such nice movie all the time? lol..they never failed us :) from Toy story I & II to Monster inc. to Finding Nemo (one of my fav) to Incredibles ( I rememeber i laugh like crazy in the cinema) until the lastest ratatouille to now Wall E.. Love all of the movie from Pixer! and all the short flim before the movie start never failed to entertain the audience.. (Y)

The character i love the most in the movie is Wall-E ..that a confirm...he is cuuuteee...very cuute...he a cleaning robot, clean the trash, and make the trash into a cube..he's a little lonely on the earth, until he met eve! aiya..go watch urself, love this movie when they indirectly bring the messages to the audience, where our future world will probably full of trash/rubbish..
and beside wall-e..

I love the cute little M-O the cleaning robot..hahahaha...he super cute ok! all he do is clean all the dirty objects come from other planets using his roller ball..hahhahaa! cute little tiny robot! the boyfriend buy a twin seat, which also known as couple seat or wuteva.. is good.. for couple, and is not expensive tho.. Gonna start working soon..if i'm gonna continue study? that still remain a question..

22/8/08: =) had fun last nite..thnx baby


nat said...

Wall E is so good! i rate 10 hahaha

ching said...


ee5y said...

hahahahah wtf lah
nice & cute movie!