Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some of the people, change when they start working
as in character..
such as become stingy..they realize how hard to earn the money,
some become more talkative, love gossip a lot especially the lady ( whatever shit happen also their business).. ( ゚ロ゚)乂(゚ロ゚ )
some become weird, talk weird, act weird..
some become mature..
some become live to work..
some become work to live..
there many of them..

and sooner, i taking part of this..or i don't? ( next Tuesday... totally not looking forward )
I'm still enjoying who I am, but maybe a little burden along..
Hope I won't become any of them..but myself

Final bit of the project, when you know you almost there, it make u more nervous
coz, i don't even know how to complete the whole thing, and perfect it?
pray for more wisdom ..amen.

Just hope everything will be fine ヾ(^ー^;)

1 comment:

ee5y said...

agree with you
i think i change too, too good way lah of course, but some of dem change to so emm how u say... sarcastic to one another

Good luck on work & your project! all the best lah