Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another week passes by...

More prayer I made..
It never been enough..and yet, I learned a lot through this ..
This is a Hardship..I can't give up, even that I'm weak..but I always have God back me up :)
♥ After the rain..there will be rainbow..


Went out last nite for movie..
the boyfriend take me out..He been try to comfort me and be nice to me a lots..
just maybe im the one never want enough, never stop demanding..
making him hard to breath..Since the things happen, he taking good care of me
showing me more love..and more..

Trying to take thing seem never change before..
but I and my bro trying hard to avoid and to mention it..

We Going hard time to accept the fact, we made it...
solving problem our own..give less burden to the parents first..
They going even hard time than us..but this is what we can do at the moment..
and I will never stop believing and praying

Thanks to soulmate for being supportive and encouragement..
Didn't want to expose what really happen here..but thanks for whoever ask and care..
I believe..everything will be fine.


brendan said...

jia you!!!

ching said...

加油啊!!! 支持你!!!

J a y V e e said...

i'll wait till you tell me :)
be strong ! stand strong!