Monday, August 4, 2008

198xs Oct 28th, I came to this world
Jane, gave birth to a baby girl, first child for Alex and Jane.
This baby never been healthy since the day she born, jaundice. (Where I have to sleep under the uvlight for few days, it explain why I'm so tanned now lol)

probably just few month old?

with mummy n daddy..2 years old b'day!!

When I was 5 year old, I got Strabismus, also known as crossed eye.
Yes, I got crossed eye before, and is not easy for a 5 year old kid who still attend to kindergarten and got boycott by other kids too ( lol…I’m still remember this very well), because everyone think I'm weird and have some weird disease. Not easy for me to go through that period, not easy for my parents too...

trip to the Zoo...

They spend and waste lots time to find me doctor to cure me (since is like more than 17 years ago, not easy to find good doc back then, and is not cheap too.) Finally, my crossed eye is gone, but doesn't mean I'm fully cure...still have to go check up and take medicine until my age of 16 years old.!

with my cousin sister, we really close to each other back then, present and future!

When I was 8 years old, another thing attack, asthma...due to chest tightness
I never concern about my asthma thing back then, make my mum come and get me to see doctor most of the time from her work...

bro & I with our mickey house...

Now I'm all grow up,
I should work extra harder, Coz I really hope they proud to have a daughter like me.. :p
Just want mum and dad live healthy and happy..that really all I ask from them
Of course..I must study hard now, and work hard in the future..for gratitude

I couldn't ask for more from this family .. :) Thanks Lord
love you mum, love you dad...

Photo from us..while waiting pizza :)
Grateful because you willing to change all over again..
Is not been easy for me..people asked me similar question " why do u choose a foreign/ other race as ur bf? "

I don't have a proper answer for myself,
all I know is.. I l o v e h i m


J a y V e e said...

Cute baby picture
I knoe yew all healthy now :-p
all the best, family unconditional love.

AwwwH! sweeet lah :-p
Avoid others comments.. :-)

nat said...

why those kid so mean 1? lol
you like a baby boy on first photo...hihihihihi

HeLeNa said...

Babe, seriously i hope he REALLY change and i want to see you happy like you used to be not hearing those **** word. =). Well, i hope you really know what you are searching for in this life and i know you know what you are doing. Remember God always watching over you and never missed out any single of us. Love you always darling.. =) btw i miss hanging out with you ALOT!

rach! said...

eileen- family always the best :)thanx

nat - i know la wtf..i got more baby pict lyk boy too, :s

bella - :D thanx bella..for being so good and supportive to me ^-^ ...luv u too, i'll be seeing u tml! surprise!!

ee5y said...

bout problem you told me, i know why you decide to blog this ъ=) this how you been through, is your turn to help them been through. take action my friend wish all the best to you, god bless.

ching said...

Soooo cuuuyyytteee u sure tats u???

Sherleen said...

awww cute baby! hehe
Just don't care about what other people said.. as long as you are happy yourself =)

雪儿 Ashlee said...

ur blog which is talkin bout ur family... its really touchin 2my heart... so lovely :P