Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 7

开始新工作已有七天了。。 在短短七天内, 发生不少事情,不同的体验。。
工作的朋友们, 都不错,感觉我有点不好意思。。因为我说话还蛮放的。。 :p
现在还算enjoy和有点兴趣。。不知之后的日子呢?hmmm...we'll wait and see


是我多心, 还是忧心他?我也不知。。

也不知为和, 最近都blog华语, 有点怪吧?



ee5y said...

cheer up . maybe not as bad as u think? i hope you feel better today! rest more babe

nat said...

Dun be sad anymore lah! ask him spend more time with you lah! tell him! not so hard gua... KIN KIONG D!

Anonymous said...

read yr previous blog and tis make me wan to comment, i understand how u feel, my bf just like yrs, he no time for me, all the time contribute to friends, they think and expect you to understand but the girl will never will.

i guess yr bf is better than mine,u mention he call but not much, my bf will not call me until i make call,too much fun with friends until forget me? so why he want to be with me? since i also another person he can waste time with when his friends not free??!

girl feel insecure, i feel u too? when they dun tell u where they go, and with who, and if we go out, they check us, and no guys allow, but they are all allow to hang out with other girls? i everyday hope he will not betray me so sad right?

sorry! i never comment before, i just read your blog, i know how u feel. take care, keep blogs, hope u do fine

ching said...

have faith girl, i very sure you not going with a X guy........
show him ur l0Ve

Ahmed AlBayaty said...

anonymous: you the one who let him do this and that, and accept when he act like this, Guys never been like that. But in ur relationship, Still there's Things missing Between u and him, Try to understand and change things what you don't like, and also, For every trouble there's a solution.. but you have to think..

BABY: problems always happened, and you started ur work hon, i understand what u wrote, But still ok. now everything is fine. boys never treat a girl so bad, only when they feel neglect by them.. but for me i never treat u bad, and you know why i don't do that.. always there's a reason for a problem. Arguing and Fighting are needed sometimes to settle things specially in love.. Now everything is fine, and you happy. I'll always make u happy.. Don't let these bodoh things get over ur heart, and let u forget the fun we had before, and we'll have..
Cheer baby.. MUAX

soulmate said...

LOL. Finally happy ending clap clap clap...... by the way im sure gal always have the right to "think too much" hahaha

To both bodoh: no more fighting but always in love with each other