Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day

Today! is the day that i started my new job!
nothing much to do on the first day as usual..but looking forward for training and start handle some job..:)

The working place wasn't bad..free breakie, and employee often will get freebie, got my freebie today from hp..lol.a clock.look cool..My bro already took it ..wtf
but looking for more freebies for coming day..haha

Just find ppl in the office not as friendly tho..well..im not goin there for making friends..plus im just work as temporary..but i still prefer the previous company..altho is far..but i love the people and the place more..

After work..boyfriend come and pick me up..n went for dinner (DELIcious cafe,at the marc residence ..)

My dinner
the boyfriend - which I order for him, and he don't like it just becoz he lazy to eat spaghetti.. but his dish is damn nice ok!!)
yup..he hate spaghetti, but he didn't tell me..! here his grumpy face..lol

Ta pau Subway sandwiches for tomorrow lunch... :x ...yummy
can't wait till tomorrow lunch time den..lol wtf...
I know is not fresh sandwiches by tomorrow but I can't find any nearer subway without walking like 10-15min.. 5min is even too much for me coming down from 18th floor..

p/s: no pict from myself T-T ..will take picture of my lovely shoe..damn lovely ok!

...oh by the way..i didn't score A for my final sem paper...i admit im not smart :D
**my family is good, everyone trying to work thing out..i will keep praying.


ee5y said...

welcome joining to the clan!! hahahahaha

nat said...

someone going to have a 9 to 5 life now hohoho good luck and work harder babe hihihihi

ching said...

woi! you walk to subway?!! wtf??
where is the nearest subway from your building??!! T_____T i want subway lahhh!!