Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Dearr..Ashlee

Happy Birthday Baby Girl..

umm, is been almost 11 years since we know each other
T3T gosh thats quite a number, which also a sign of we getting old
it doesn't matter, you still look like 18 years old every year!!..

Back in high school, I Still remember how we talk on the phone with each other after school..
EVERYDAY! not sure what the topic, but there must be random stuff and gossip and more boys! lol..silly! I really miss those day, i remember how u get pissed off at me when I purposely pour water on ur school uniform! T___T ..I know you still remember, sorry lah!

Remember how we sitting next to each other for most of the year in school!
And finally, now we all grow up...
and yet no matter what...
I love you


p/s: I screwed up my economics of logistics test today...awesome!

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