Saturday, June 21, 2008

Siblings power

me and my bro get free trip to different coun
me - Singapore & Perth

bro - Hong Kong ( shopping paradise )

Bro just got back from his Hong Kong trip, he only got me a cheap H&M bag!! dats bout it
I was expect something else, like more dress and top!

Anyway, mum say me and my bro have the luck of getting free trip (we don't have to pay for flight tickets, hotel, food- most of them) all we have to do is bring few thousands ringgit- expenses (shopping spree). which is save heaps!

Lazy to uploads picture of my trips, most of them is in facebook, and I assume everyone look at it. :p oh not to mention about my lost wallet on my way back from singapore! Grrr..

Perth- night view

The main purpose of my bro HK trip is to catch the concert of his favorite idol Kelly Chen, he even stand a chance to take picture with her in the back stage! sooo lucky!!

Hong Kong

It probably a dream for both of us, to go place that we dream of, well for me not really
my dream place is lots! tell me if u know the answer! :p

Back to home land! back to reality, back to my project!
God bless :)


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Anonymous said...

where your dream place oh?