Sunday, June 8, 2008

what i want..?

Was another friggin' bored day..
with doing nothing...woke up at 11am, and clean up house and watch astro on demand for more hk drama series..
and chat online whole day with soul mate..almost whole noon till evening..

can't be bother to get start my project..
anyway, i'm just too lazy.

Oh, what i did for whole day is reading up some random blog..
find one quite first tot it would be like any other blog, putting up non-sense of their am

Finally, some excitement been happen lately, such as unexpected trip to Perth,
and meeting up some new friend, and catching up with some old friend, primary school mate and secondary schoolmate...seriously, unexpected dinner and party.

say..when you never expect something, it just came into your life from no where.
i never really expect myself this point, like what i'm really doing right now.

Hoping i can be more myself, and get or do the thing i want.
After reading this random person blog, I see her life...that is what I want.
It simply easy..I found myself in her blog...

But how im gonna get it? when? where? how?
I found the thing I want, and I know through that " thing" I'm pretty much achieve everything
I want in my life....but I guess...I will not be the one who can have just simply no fate
and not belong to me..

you almost give me everything

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nat said...

mmm you so confuse at the moment?