Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ways to Love your partner

1. Love yourself first.
2. Start each day with a hug
3. Say " i love you" everytime you part ways
4. Make compliment freely and often.
5. Write unexpected love letters.
6. Go on date once every week.
7. Send flowers for no reason.
8. Kiss unexpectedly
9. seek out beautiful sunsets together.
10. Apologize sincerely

11. be forgiving
12. Remember the day you fell in love--- and recreate it.
13. Hold hands.
14. Say " I love you " with your eyes
15. Let her cry in your arms
16. Tell him you understand
17. Let her give you directions when you're lost.
18. Appreciate her inner beauty
19. Calm each others fears.
20. Never go to bed mad.

To be continue if I able to discover more ..

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