Thursday, July 17, 2008

A friend of mine, a girl..
guess I don't know her too well or too close with her, but guess people around her know her selfishness, and being a " two-head snake"..she can act real good with you, but she can back-stab u when she not with you, scary yet? thats not all.. there is more I'm too lazy to type about her, but yet this show how important is she ( riiiite..), that I can actually make a entry about her bad thing..

I really don't like her attitude, her personalities, just I didn't want to take thing too serious, whenever I see her, there is some kind of awkward feeling..

I don't mean I'm good, I learn from the best and the worse. I learned from her too, being selfish and "pretend to have good personalities" only get more hater, I learned to share a while ago, I'm selfish too i hate share my thing and what I know ( last time la ...) ..but I'm good now ! i guess.. :x

After all is just another girl thang!
Ok, forget bout the " friend" i mention..let talk bout girl..
Girl love to compete, is all bout the jealousy!

They can upload / post the picture of themself in facebook, blog, friendster..and etc lah..
and caption say " I look so ugly in this picture " , " i look so fat " or other lame negative stuff about the picture...Like hello..if u think urself ugly or fat than don't bloody upload the picture and try get attention or looking for other people give you compliment and tell them they don't look bad, bloody Asian weird is that?

I'm still angry bout that girl, but yet i tell myself nothing to be mad
Coz I believe in karma ( what goes around, comes around ..) so be good now


nova said...

PLEASE UPDATE! muahuahahuah

soulmate said...

Wonder that "gal" knows someone did purposely create a post for her or not!!!

HAHAHA... update me as well for the KARMA thingy.... hahahah

rach! said...

Ryan- i wil keep u update wtf! but u r more means when u actually wan bad thing happen to her lol wtf...:p

soulmate - i guess she will know I'm talking bout her when she read this, she know herself is like that ( i guess, hope she feel bad and sorry for her own self! not us