Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm a girl..after all

Bought a Vivi magazine today.. Apparently I didn't buy it since a long while
due to lack of $, and more $$$!Not because the mag costly, it just cause when you look through the magazine, you just wan to have Everything..I mean most of the item they shown in the mag! That the reason why I don't buy it every month. Such a temptation, to go out and shop!

I can't resist food, shopping, and one more thing soft toy! T__T Yeh, I know I'm old enough to play with them lol! but they are just too cute! Ok, back in few year ago, I want a giant Patrick (red dog) badly! and I finally become owner of it too! Now new target...Gigantic Forever Friend Bear!( Image stolen from eBay). Awww look at him...sooo adorable! He is Big enough to give me a Big Hug!

I feel sorry for myself ,se

I found a really cool brand for long t-shirt, but unfortunately, they only available in Nippon! damnit! Heavenark (link for online shop), I reckon there have the coolest big long T-shirt ever! and they have other stuff of course..I visit their website, :O ..or it just me, I love the shirt so much.. I'm a t-shirt person, no doubt.

Just love the model hair so much, wish my hair look just as good :(
all the Jap Chic just know how to make their hair look soo good!

I must watch Hellboy II:the golden army, friend told me the movie is kickass movie


nat said...

Lawlz.Tat a very huge one bear ler

I feel sorry for u too,
best regards.

ching said...

u just nid more maintenance to yr hair..........dats ol it takes
yr hair is so farking long okey?!

weis said...

Japanese girl is sho hot!
rach > 5/10
after diet rach > 9/10

you can kill me now

Sherleen said...

I used to like soft toys a lot too and i have quite a lot of soft toys as well. =)
And i love Patrick (the red dog) A LOT wen i was in high school and got it from my buddies for a b'day present. Haha looks like we have a thing in common =p

rach! said...

Sherleen : hahaha..serious? the big one..! haha i will upload my toy family.. :p

weis : wth? so now i only rate 5/10 la..ok i accept ur critic T_T

Sherleen said...

yeap! serious.. the big and red one from memory lane.

soulmate said...

toys are just waste of money especially those with fur and occupied space!!! hahahaha