Saturday, July 26, 2008

Movie to watch :
- The Mummy: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor
( next week, 31st of July)
- Wall E
( i can't wait for this, will be show on 14th of August) :D

I feel so neglect from the family sometime, I really do.. I might not as funny and talkative like my bro..., whatever he say, my parents show the interest and so many thing to talk for me..I try my best...but seem I make myself look like a fool..that's how I feel.

Maybe I just one of a kind, the one who can't really share closer thing with mum like a stranger, or maybe she a working woman too, not like any other mum who stay at home.. I been going through this few time, to my soulmate...she truly understand me, coz she know how my mum talk to me, compare with my bro. I'm already get use to it, just wanted to grievance for bit...ok just a bit! I stop now..

Went movie last night in pavilion, watched X-File I personally think the movies I catch lately is pretty good :p If people who didn't know anything about X-file, probably a bit confused their story, and who is Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. I Like it :) and I'm glad that this time when I watch this kind of mysterious, triller movie with the boy friend..

Before we decide to watch a movie, the boy friend and I actually fight ...again. But what make me happy is, he start learn how to make up with me again and pamper me a lots =x .I love how the boy friend treat me lately.. I'm hate to say this, BUT the truth is I'm a Savage girl when come to relation thingie poor boy friend .. :p love & miss him heapss

***when we watching the movie, there Bunch of stupid malay idiot actually kicking on our chair, what annoying us is we change our seat twice, but still kicking!! WTF!!! they make themself look so uncivilized, and kid who never been educated. :) ...sorry if any of my Malay friend reading this, i did not meant you guys, you know you different, there Chinese who did this too! I'm saying that there is low class, and high class people in this society, no matter Chinese , Malay, or Indian..not in term of how rich or poor you are, is how you present yourself and make people think you're educated. just look at those low-class Malay face already know how low class are


David said...


nat said...

so you mean you don share thing with your mom? talk to your dad.
I watch the Xfile today oso, erhh quite bored but not too bad, still worth for money la

Ahmed AlBayaty said...

Interesting actually. well, we used about that hon, They're Couple of IDIOTS as usual. We can find them whenever we go lol.
We always catch nice movie haha. Muax..

rach! said...

david : thnx :D , what i meant is whoever readin this is all high class ppl LOL..syok tak?

Nat : hardly to talk as well, how to share?

J a y V e e said...

i watch Wall E already!
thumbs up girl. is cute n funny you probably like it.

Jus move to perth yaww! or come back again doh!
we didn't meet up =( when ya here.
u stil hv friend love =*) miss ya bish