Monday, July 21, 2008

Why so serious?

Movie to watch

- Hellboy II : The Golden Army Rating 8.5/10

- The Dark Knight - coming Thursday

- too many of them can't be bother at the moment ( kidding ..have to start my assignment, like Right Now! )

I'm just being random right now ( oh well, I'm always random).
Woke up from nap, bro came back and tell me a friggin' pissed him off story, and it also pissed me off too..

My bro was working today, somewhere in PJ, since he can't find parking lots, so he just simply park and do double parking! which he parked next to another car...Ok, after he leave the car and get his ass to work, after a while, he heard someone make car horn like no tomorrow, so he knew he blocking someone car already, he immediately run to take his car and bout to leave and make apologize to that car owner( woman bout 40ish, who drive a civic only ).

But seem that woman doesn't wanted to forgive my bro? She kept on yell at him and scold him and stuff ( I don't know what she say ..but guess some really bad and rude word tho). My bro be gentlemen and do not want to argue with her after he make apologize, and he bout get into his car and leave, BUT!!! this lady got issues, she say to my bro " I will remember your face!"

that is totally ridiculous and unacceptable! what on earth my bro do to you, just block ur car to get out and thats bout it, make apologize already still!? So he get off his car and go to her car and knock on her window..ask her what's her problem? That words totally pissed him off and he really not happy bout it!

Conclusion is, most of the woman these days in KL, who quite rich, thought they so high educated and speak english only! they all such being a whore and Hypocrite!!!

so what happen to that hypocrite woman and my bro? she sure don't dare to get off her car and think my bro is crazy.. =/ oh well..lets God do His deeds...:)

p/s: I just realize that I been making angry post these days!
Yes! My mood swing to the bad side lately! someone know this, I swear alot in her chat window! lol.. =x


Ching said...

if im ur bro, i find something to smash on her window and ask her wat her problem. say sorry edi still mengada-ada.

some more is not big deal, say sorry is good enough lah

neo said...

what a muthafakers!
why must remember yr bro face from blocking her car lolz
maybe she just got divorce and hate man so much?dat what i can think of q: people now very angry and weird jus like u HAAAAHAAHAHAHAHA

dave said...