Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm a lazy biatch

Went out last night, gone for a
to catch up some movie and dinner and shop around in Pavilion
Yup! pretty much my favorite place since the shopping mall open

Was thought just check out some clothes in Forever21
but nothing much inside, well maybe I wasn't pay enough attention,
and I finally end up in a new store name
Charles & Keith..Omg the shoe and bag is GORGEOUS! well, the shoe and bag actually cost pretty reasonable, I try up few of them, is reallllyy nice, but I end up only bought a very gorgeous slipper.. The gorgeous slipper only RM 75+ , other heels and bag is bout RM 115 and above if not mistake.. Baby! don't forget bout my bag ok?! lol :p

The price of the bags and shoes ranging RM 100-200, I would say is reasonable and affordable by most of the people now a day, like is so much better than a Vincci, Nose and others
I'm not a big fans of Vincci tho, and hardly get a shoe from there, cause I seriously hardly find myself pair of nice pump or slipper from there, but when I walk in Charles and Keith
I can tell how much they can really satisfy me and most of the chics! I can't afford a Christian Louboutin or a Nine West or Jimmy Choo!!!!!

Nine west is like RM 200- 400 per pair! I seriously can't afford lor
Christian Louboutin like what? thousands ringgit or some shit ( oh, but I do dream that own one Louboutin at least..someday the future! )
Now I have Charles & Keith! make my life so much easy, at least I don't have to stress where to get a pair of niceee, classy, trendy ,uptown heels!

Besides, I really love the Gladiator Pumps
But I don't think I know how to match fashion sense is not that good after all

I'm being way to lazy to do my work lately,
and felt so sleepy most of the time! What's wrong with me ?!
have to really made up my mind, and get the work start like tomorrow!
*crossed fingers biatch!

Have to pray real hard this time!
for get some real good credit for my Graduation Project and last 2 subject!
Need more Strength and Wisdom.and more brain juice at the moment!
seem like I haven't realise how little time I left and yet loadss of work to be done..


mikey said...

y nobody here wan
haunted ar? haha

rach! said...

haha fag u